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Will Drug Addiction Statistics Drag you to Rehab?

The pensive man is just one of the drug addiction statistics we can help.There is plenty of news about the opioid epidemic in America, and most people are well aware of the risks of drug addiction. However, few people realize the true scale of the situation. Take a closer look at these drug addiction statistics to see how big the problem really is, how challenging recovery can be, and what it takes to succeed in sobriety.

14 Million Americans Abuse Drugs Each Month

Not everyone who abuses drugs has a drug addiction. However, there is no denying that many of them are on the track to a drug dependence. These 14 million Americans may take illegal drugs for recreational purposes, or they could be using prescription drugs the wrong way. Either way, it could be a stepping stone to addiction.

Substance Abuse Costs America $740 Billion Annually

People struggling with drug addiction already pay a price for their drug use. Substance abuse also costs America, as a whole, a staggering amount of money. The $740 billion dollars includes paying for emergency healthcare, addiction treatment, crime and legal fees, among many other associated expenses.

Only 11 Percent of People Struggling With Addiction Get the Right Treatment

One of the most worrying drug addiction statistics is the drug treatment gap. This is the number of people who don’t receive treatment for their addictions. Just 11 percent of Americans with a substance abuse disorder actually receive treatment.

That means around 89 percent of people struggling with addictions aren’t getting the right help. Many of these people need support, care, and resources so that they can truly recover from addiction. Without help, risks like overdose will continue to grow.

Eight Million Americans Battle Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders

It is unwise to look at drug addiction statistics without also looking at mental health. The reality is that the two are often linked. As many as half of all those with a mental illness struggle with addiction. The reverse is also true. More than half of all people who abuse drugs have a mental illness.

In total, there are eight million Americans who have both a mental health concern and a substance abuse disorder. The only way to effectively treat these individuals is with dual diagnosis care. Addressing both issues is the best way to enjoy total, comprehensive health and recovery.

Drug Addiction Statistics Should End With the Right Resources and Support

Whether you struggle with heroin addiction or prescription drug addiction, the best way to get sober is with professional help. At Healing Springs Ranch, patients can receive a full range of care. From medical support to long-term recovery and aftercare, patients can expect compassion and expert help. Some of the treatment methods available to patients are:

Although drug addiction statistics can make the problem seem overwhelming, help is available for every person ready to make a change. At Healing Springs Ranch in Tioga, Texas, patients can make progress thanks to a caring and individualized approach to recovery. Call 866-656-8384 and start working toward happiness and health today.

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