Family Involvement

"All of us will experience something traumatic in our lifetime.  How we cope with this experience is what matters.”

Healing Springs Ranch recognizes that the root of every addiction and mental health issue is unresolved pain. Therefore, ironically, the addiction itself is never really the problem. Addiction is the SYMPTOM, of the underlying problem. It is a solution to a problem. It is the evidence of an unmet emotional need, desperately trying to be soothed. Addictions, therefore, serve the purpose or function of avoiding emotional pain. Over time, the person becomes “addicted” to this avoidance strategy which can become so ingrained, that a person may not even recognize that he/she is doing it.  In addition, this addictive cycle itself becomes yet another traumatic experience with the loss of control, relationships, marriage, job, etc. creating a vicious cycle of despair, hopelessness, shame, and helplessness.

Our family involvement consists of three Programs:

Family Weekend Program

Family Therapy

BALM® Training Institute for Family Recovery Services