How Does Group Therapy Assist Addiction Treatment?

Group therapy can help this woman in rehab get out of isolation.One-on-one talk therapy is a major pillar of addiction treatment. But the second one, which is just as important, is group therapy. What happens in these groups that make them such vital parts of recovery?

Understanding the Nuts and Bolts of Group Therapy

There’s a vital difference between group therapy and support group meetings such as you might attend for 12 step purposes. The latter provides a platform for sharing your struggles and learning from others’ successes. These meetings are typically informal and participation is mostly optional. Therapy involving a group, however, is more organized, formal, and thrives on everyone’s participation.

Therapist-led, these groups only number a handful of participants. The expert in charge of the group selects members based on their complementary characteristics. The goal of group therapy is teamwork in problem-solving, role-playing, and brainstorming. Because the therapist is in charge of the group’s dynamics and forward movement, the professional assumes responsibility for member growth.

Desirable Side Effects of the Group Setting

The small sizes of the groups make them suitable for people struggling with addictions. Because self-imposed isolation is a hallmark of substance abuse, working with others in the small-scale works well. It eases you back into being in contact with others and building relationships. You learn to listen and share.

In the process, you build self-esteem and improve social skills. Another one of the happy side effects is the fact that group therapy can significantly enhance your quality of life. As you work with others in a therapeutic setting, you let go of fears and anxieties that could create stress. If clients didn’t have this type of experience during rehab, it could contribute to social anxiety out in the world, which might result in a relapse.

Healing Family Relationships through Group Therapy

Clients with families will experience an improvement in their abilities to relate to loved ones. By learning how to listen and respond with patience in a group setting, they transfer the skills to the family. Although this improvement doesn’t mean that you don’t need family therapy, it’s a great start. It also provides proof to loved ones that you’re serious about changing your life.

How to Incorporate Therapy into Addiction Treatment

Group therapy has to become part of a whole person approach to rehab. At Healing Springs Ranch, experts incorporate it into a set of modalities such as:

  • Dual diagnosis exploration and treatment for program participants with mental health concerns
  • Trauma treatment helps you to overcome unresolved issues from the past that affect your life today
  • Living in consciousness encourages you to become active in your recovery and recognize the power you have over shaping your future
  • Integrated addiction model treatment acknowledges the strong link between mental health and addiction
  • Nutritional support ensures physiological well-being while healing from substance abuse
  • Experiential rehab based on your needs and interests prepares you for life after you leave the facility
  • Lifestyle training assists you with practicing a new sober life by providing new experiences that don’t include using

Against the backdrop of these therapy settings, you meet in groups for a variety of purposes. Some group programs provide an outlet with art therapy. This interaction allows you to express yourself in nonverbal ways. Another group you might attend provides assistance with anger management.

A therapist ensures that you enter groups that work well for your individual needs. Customization of the therapy experience, which includes one-on-one as well as group settings, is a fundamental component of recovery. Part and parcel of this setup is the holistic approach that incorporates assessments, re-assessments, and appropriate calibrations of care. After all, the ultimate goal of rehab is your ability to reintegrate into society, family, and career.

Are You Curious What Your Addiction Treatment Protocol Might Look Like?

If you’ve been struggling with substance abuse, you know that rehab is the best way to recover. Why allow an addiction to have control over your life for another day? Expert addiction therapists at Healing Springs Ranch want to help you make your goal of lifelong sobriety become a reality. Dial 866-656-8384 now.