Nutritional Wellness

The day in the life of an exceptional dining experience. Healing Springs Ranch offers feel-good, comfort food that supports nutrition goals through healthy recipes for a sustainable recovery.

At Healing Springs Ranch, we’re committed to providing an exceptional dining experience for our clients. We believe good nutrition should taste great! HSR often hosts special meal-centered events that our clients look forward to. If you’re considering Healing Springs Ranch please consider enjoying a meal with us. We’d love to have you at our table!

The Power of Choice

At HSR nutrition is a catalyst for sustainable recovery. While in treatment, clients enjoy a flexible approach to diet that builds the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Clients are invited to tour our kitchen and meet with our chef, who will highlight how our menus will support them physically during the recovery process. Many clients entering treatment may have nutritional deficiencies and lack a desire for healthy foods initially. That’s why our dining program offers feel-good, comfort food that supports nutrition goals through healthy recipes.

Our menu supports proper digestive health, balanced hormones, healthy brain function, and insulin regulation by providing an anti-inflammatory diet that limits saturated fat, sugar, dairy, and grain. Our on-site dietitian and medical team can support vegan and vegetarian lifestyles as well as dietary restrictions due to food allergies.

Through the combination of our “Nutritional Wellness Program” and our Integrated Addiction Model™, clients report feeling better, both physically and emotionally, more quickly. There is also a greater decrease in their symptoms and greater treatment sustainability. It has also been found, that 98% of “serotonin”, a neurotransmitter that is responsible for sleep, well-being, and good mood is activated and utilized ONLY by healthy bacteria in our digestive tract!

Nutritional Technology
Our dining program is backed by the Culinary Service Group, a food management provider that offers us a network of culinary and nutritional resources. Through this partnership, we’re able to offer cutting edge nutritional technology. At HSR, our menus can be tailored to meet individual nutritional care through specialized software that allows us to track the micro and macronutrient levels. Through this food management software, we can track the choices our clients make and assess how we can optimize their nutrition through a customized plan. We also ensure our menus are tailored to address common vitamin and mineral deficiencies such as low iron, calcium, folate, or B vitamin intake or absorption.

Our nutritional program gives our clients ownership of their own health. During their stay, every client is equipped to reach their health and wellness goals through education. We offer cooking instruction and nutritional awareness classes so clients can easily recognize foods that are healthy choices and learn to prepare healthy, simple meals at home. Our goal is to teach them to eliminate the physical and mental stressor of a poor diet so that they can live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our unique curriculum will not only teach the importance of nutrition but also the importance of proper digestive health, principles of productive exercise on our hormones, healthy brain function, insulin regulation, and more. We will focus on functional health, an alternative solution to restoring the body which has been damaged by long-term physical, chemical, and emotional harm.

Healing Springs Ranch will provide an educational environment for clients to learn how to take action in their own physical and emotional well-being!