Understanding the effects of drug and alcohol use on the body, both physically and chemically, is an often overlooked, but critically important component in treating the “whole person”. Through our “Nutritional  Wellness Program,” we provide customized care for each client.

We will administer comprehensive blood studies and state of the art saliva testing in order to evaluate the physical damage done by years of chemical abuse.  This program detects and corrects dysfunction, which further depresses a person’s potential for healing, health, and wellness.   We offer botanically based supplements to temporarily restore any chemical dysfunction/and or imbalances that we find.  We will teach our clients that self-care is not just a treatment but also a lifestyle training, which is a vital part of gaining health independence.

Not only do we offer organically grown healthy food choices, but we will also teach clients how and why they need to make better and healthier food choices.

Through the combination of our “Nutritional Wellness Program” with our Integrated Addictions Model clients report feeling better quicker -both physically and emotionally, as well as a decrease in their symptoms and greater treatment sustainability.  98% of “serotonin”, a neurotransmitter which is responsible for sleep, well-being, and good mood is activated and utilized ONLY by healthy bacteria in our digestive tract!

Chronic disease, as a rule, is slow to develop.  Long-term predictions for chronic diseases keep rising because of the effects of physical, emotional, and mental stressors.  These stressors come from poor diet, poor food quality, toxins in our environment, drug and alcohol abuse, nervous system impairments, unresolved trauma, lack of exercise, insufficient or poor sleep and emotional reactions.

Our unique curriculum will not only teach the importance of nutrition, but also the importance of proper digestive health, principals of productive exercise on our hormones, healthy brain function, insulin regulation and more. We will teach quick and easy juicing and cooking techniques to ensure valuable nutrient absorption.   In other words, we will focus on functional health, an alternative solution to restoring the body which has been damaged by long-term physical, chemical, and emotional abuse.

We will provide an environment of education in order for clients to learn, once and for all, how to take action in their own physical, chemical, and emotional well-being!