About Us

Our Mission

Healing Springs RanchTM (HSR) will enhance the lives of those touched by addiction and related mental health issues through high-quality, innovative, and customized client care solutions designed to improve treatment outcomes.

About Us - Healing Springs Ranch Offers Integrated Treatment

Our Vision

HSR will be an industry leader in the treatment of addiction, trauma, and co-occurring disorders by improving long-term outcomes through our function-driven approach to client care. Through our integrated, multi-disciplinary residential treatment model and in-depth state-of-the-art diagnostic testing, HSR will address the “whole person” –including personalized lifestyle changes required for clients to maintain psychological, physical, and spiritual integrity as well as the role of genetics, nutrition, and fitness on successful treatment outcomes—all within the confines of a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Core Values

Excellence: Striving for exemplary results in every aspect of our missions.

Compassion: Treating those we serve and each other with dignity, respect, courtesy, and understanding.

Integrity: Fostering an environment where ethics are never compromised, commitments are always honored and support for each other, our clients, and all stakeholders is paramount.

Service: Delivering a world-class experience and outstanding clinical results through client-centered customized care.

Innovation: Fostering and adapting to change by learning from the past to invent the future.

Why Choose Healing Springs Ranch?

Why Healing Springs is Different

Each person's addictive issues lie in a delicate and complex interplay of his or her biochemistry, psychology, and genetic influence. Successful treatment outcomes, therefore, require more than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Through a combination of our Integrated Addiction Model TM, which incorporates the 12 step principles, the Trauma Model, and functional medicine practices, Healing Springs embraces the uniqueness of each client and provides a customized, holistic treatment plan tailored to each client’s specific needs. In addition to identifying the individual root causes of each addiction—a cornerstone of our Integrated Addictions Model —our program will also address any resulting, and co-occurring psychiatric diagnoses to ensure that each client is given the best possible chance for a successful treatment outcome.

Led by a team of nationally recognized experts in trauma, addictions, mental health issues, and functional medicine, our program will be implemented through a variety of treatment modalities including experiential, didactic, and cognitive therapies. Our team of experts works collaboratively—employing these modalities to provide an intensive and dynamic approach that incorporates functional healing techniques to foster mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual integration for our clients.