BALM® Training Institute for Family Recovery Services

Welcome to the BALM® Family Recovery Program, the 1-year family recovery education program brought to you by Healing Springs Ranch in partnership with the BALM Training Institute for Family Recovery Services. 

Over the next year, by participating in this powerful program, you and up to three other family members (or friends) will have the opportunity to grow right alongside your loved one.  When your loved one leaves treatment, you will be in recovery with them, without ever having to leave your home!

Perhaps you wonder why this is important. After all, they are the ones with the problem.  Here’s what we want you to know: There is powerful research that shows that when the family gets better, the struggling loved one has a MUCH better chance of recovery. In other words, YOU can be your loved one’s BEST chance at recovery by demonstrating the willingness to look at yourself and how you react to life circumstances and interact in relationships.

What makes this program especially useful for families is that it is not just another course that provides you with a lot of information with no help assimilating it.  This program has three parts which provide the following: Powerful Information, Transformation, and Support.

We hope you take advantage of this amazing gift! Just as you expect your loved one to fully engage in their recovery, this program makes it easy for you to fully engage and benefit from YOUR own recovery journey as well.

We look forward to working together to help you give YOUR loved one his/her BEST chance at sustained recovery!


Holly Steward, LPC
Executive Director of Clinical Services
Healing Springs Ranch