Our Model

Why Choose Healing Springs Ranch?

Healing Springs Ranch was born out of the collective vision of its founding members, all of whom have a passion for improving the lives of those facing addiction and a commitment to make better treatment options available.

Our treatment philosophy was developed from the collaborative wisdom and experience of our clinical team as providers in BOTH the mental health industry AS WELL AS the addictions community.


Our Integrated Addiction Model

As most seasoned clinicians have learned, addictions do not develop in a vacuum; people who struggle with active or chronic addictions most often, if not always, have a history of co-occurring mental health symptoms. However, treatment for addictions has typically been separate from treatment for mental health issues.

We believe, however, that effective treatment must address BOTH in order to provide truly integrated recovery at all levels. Our goal is to build a bridge between these two, offering the best of both worlds. Our Integrated Addiction Model™ does just that.