We Help Heal the “Whole Person”

Mere words cannot adequately express our gratitude for all you have done for our son.  The transformation we have seen in him since he came home from Healing Springs Ranch has truly been amazing.  It is truly a testament to the commitment and caring of your staff in diagnosing, treating and training our son to begin the next chapter in his life equipped to live it to the fullest.  We could not have picked a better place for our son to receive help.  HSR is exactly where our son needed to be. It is very evident in every staff member that you all put your heart and soul into helping your clients.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Client’s Family

I can’t put into words how patient and kind the staff was from day one.  Because of the kindness.  I’ve been able to be vulnerable to a degree I could never imagine.  I can say without a doubt; I would not have survived without the gift of this place. I’m so grateful.


When I arrived at Healing Springs Ranch I was at the lowest point in my life.  I literally had a nervous breakdown while sitting at my desk in my office.  I was completely overwhelmed and unable to function.  My best friend came to get me and was able to get me on a flight to Texas the next day.  That is the day I check into Healing Springs Ranch.

When I arrived I was afraid but full of hope that I was doing the right thing.  I was immediately wrapped in love by everyone at the ranch and quickly knew that I was on a life-changing journey.  I also knew that I had to work hard tin order to heal so that when I left I did not leave the way I came in, broken.  After breakfast the first day I learned that my days would exist of individual therapy, group therapy, art therapy, yoga, equine therapy and the best food on the planet!  As I entered this new world I could feel the old me coming back to life.  The stress and anxiety were leaving me and I was becoming the person I use to be.  When I left I felt like I could conquer the world, which I am doing.  I got my confidence and my life back.

I will be forever grateful for my time at Healing Springs Ranch.  They literally breathed life back into me and I am stronger than I have been in a long time.  I walked off the ranch with hope, determination and a fire in my belly to live a changed life.


I love HSR, they changed my life and gave me inspiration to love the life I live.


Healing Springs fed my soul and helped find my spirit inside.


HSR didn’t only heal my body, it healed my soul.  My life has purpose now.  I came in believing I could not change and now I’m leaving with a fulfillment in my heart I would not have found by myself.  I will never forget this place because it is like home to me.

Thank you for everything.


Healing Springs provided me sanctuary in a very troubled time of my life. They instilled in me a sense of self I didn’t know I was in need of. They also shed light on my unhealthy patterns of thoughts and behavior which set me up for a life of fulfillment and potential in recovery.


My time at Healing Springs Ranch has far outweighed my expectations.  I arrived at The Ranch with many issues and not sure that any could be dealt with.  I decided to give “Recovery” & “Treatment” on last try, and I can only give thanks to the passionate people that fought for this unique facility to exist.

My Treatment team has included wonderful individuals in the business aspect, getting me here, to the entire staff that never left my side.  I have had the opportunity to address and heal from addiction to trauma.

I have learned to feel again- “Feel my feelings and stay safe”.  I have struggled a lot and never once been left alone to fight on my own.  Rather, I’ve had wonderful people that first held my hand, taught me to grasp theirs then stand and do it on my own.

I have a plan when I leave, I have hope’ I have been rooted and learned to ground myself.  My feet are standing on a firm foundation to insure that I will succeed.  I’m excited about life.  Wow- I get to be a part of it now!  I am walking into life free for the first time.  My children have been an integral part of my treatment.  Thank you for bringing their lives into this family!

“Healing Families from the Inside Out” The Whole Family!


I spent approximately six months in three different treatment facilities to assist me with my addiction battle only to relapse upon discharge. It wasn’t until I began my journey with the I.AM model that I began to understand the trauma and unprocessed emotions I was carrying around with me for over 40 years. Once I understood these emotions and safely processed them with a seasoned clinician, I began to have hope and have now maintained my sobriety for several years. The work was challenging but worth every single minute as I was able to get my life back and form healthier relationships with my family and friends. I also recognize the triggers and understand how to identify the appropriate emotion I am feeling that I previously would have medicated against.


“I walked into their office a shattered mess and walked out a whole and healed person. Their methods are unique and the most effective I have ever experienced over my 25 years and 7 prior attempts at seeking help on this journey. Their protective, persistent, caring, and non-judgmental approach made each session a safe place, no matter how difficult the memories.”