Rachel Graham

Rachel H. Graham

President and Co-founder, MBA

Rachel, as President and Co-founder of Healing Springs Ranch, brings her personal journey as a family member of a loved one who struggled with unresolved trauma, mental health issues, and addictions. She observed firsthand some of the poor treatment programmings that failed to identify the core issues both with the individual struggling as well as the family unit. As a result, she chose to put her energy and heart into working with a team of talented founding partners and staff to create Healing Springs Ranch.

Her personal mission is to affect change in addiction treatment by treating all aspects of the person and helping clients find meaning and purpose in their lives.  And, create a supportive structure wherein families learn to understand the role they play with their loved ones and how they might best support those individuals in the healing of both the individual suffering and the entire family structure.

Rachel has a long-standing entrepreneurial and corporate background in various segments of the healthcare industry. Her career encompasses multiple facets of the healthcare arena including addiction treatment, managed care, third party healthcare claims administration, and pharmaceutical benefits.

In addition to her administrative role at Healing Springs, she is actively involved in the treatment program.  She created and teaches the Leaders in Training curriculum, a weekly group, that helps clients identify their purpose at both the individual and community levels.  She also facilitates the Executive Forum when needed which ties together personal growth and development to corporate leaders in treatment to better encourage peer to peer learning as it relates to the daily challenges of running a business both in and out of treatment.

Rachel’s speaking platform,  Evolve and Transform has taken her on a successful speaking journey across the globe speaking about addiction, compulsive behaviors, and finding meaning and purpose through life’s adversities.   She has become a sought-after international speaker with phenomenal feedback, to audiences of multi-continents including North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Rachel holds an MBA from LeTourneau University and a BBA from Baylor University. She is an active and contributing member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO).  She holds Executive Board positions for Life Works Wellness, LLC, and Life Works Foundation.  She is also an executive board member of the Travis Frederick's Blocking Out Hunger Foundation and executive board member for the Corey Kluber Family Foundation among other philanthropic organizations.

She has been interviewed and featured in various publications, such as Inc Magazine throughout her career, including but not limited to, Inc. 500, Plaid for WomenStagen Leadership Academy member story, featured on the Coast to Coast Recovery radio broadcast and Coffee with Claire Podcast. Rachel delivered her first TEDx talk in Andrews, South Carolina on "Why Addiction is Everyone's Disease."

Rachel enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, enjoying new cultures and cuisine, as well as decorating her environments.


Melissa Caldwell

Melissa Caldwell Engle

Clinical Director and Co-founder, MS, LPC, ATR

Melissa as Clinical Director and Co-founder of Healing Springs Ranch is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Registered Art Therapist (A.T.R.). She has over 25 years of experience in treating trauma and addictions. She has been the Executive Clinical Director at the Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma for 20 years. While in this position, Mrs. Caldwell Engle clinically managed three inpatient programs directed by Colin A. Ross M.D. where she was involved in the development, and implementation of the Trauma Model and its integration into the programs’ treatment milieu. She was actively involved in the development of the “Trauma Model Certification” process and co-presented with Dr. Ross. In addition to this administrative role, she also maintained her clinical skills by leading groups and providing individual therapy on the units.

Melissa is also a co-founder of the Trauma Recovery Associates (TRA 2002) which was originally created in response to the Catholic Church’s “sex abuse scandal” in 2002. TRA has since grown with its focus being to educate and foster the development of organizational leaders, human service providers, and trauma survivors themselves to respond more effectively to the impact of childhood trauma on individuals and society.

She also worked in private practice for 14 years. She has worked with all behavioral health diagnoses including Depression, Dual-Diagnoses, Anxiety, Bi-Polar, Personality Disorders, PTSD, Eating Disorders, OCD, Dissociative Disorders, and ALL addictive patterns and diagnoses both on the individual and group level.

She is an internationally recognized speaker on the effects of trauma, addiction, and the comorbid client. Melisssa has a unique way of combining theory with specific treatment techniques emphasizing experiential/expressive treatment modalities. This combination allows her to reach a broad range of clinicians and participants. Her humor and case examples create a highly entertaining presentation style that makes her a recognized and sought-after speaker.

It is through her extensive years of experience in the behavioral health arena and her expertise in treating all trauma-related psychiatric and addictive diagnoses that she is able to offer a truly integrated approach to our Healing Springs Clinical Programming.

Melissa is married to a firefighter/paramedic and together they have 4 children.  She loves to travel and experience different cultures.

Dr. Cherye Callegan

Dr. Cherye Callegan M.D.

Medical Director 

Dr. Callegan, as Medical Director, oversees the psychiatric and clinical services as well as direct clinical care to our clients. She also will provide educational and training opportunities for the clinical staff.

She is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in both Psychiatry and Addiction. Dr. Callegan is a diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine. In 2006 and again in 2009, Dr. Callegan was named America's Top Psychiatrist by the Consumer Research Community of America. She enjoys working with adolescents and adults with addiction issues and trauma.

Dr. Callegan has been working in the field of addiction for over 30 years. She has served as the Medical Director of Sundown Ranch from 2001 until 2018. Prior to joining Sundown Ranch, she served as the Medical Director of Substance Abuse Services at both Green Oaks Hospital and Timberlawn Psychiatric Hospital.

Michelle Shamblin

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, APMHNP-BC

Michelle as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner provides psychiatric and medical treatments to our clients. She is board certified through INTSA for addiction medicine and has extensive experience in both adult and adolescent addiction care, counseling, and detox services.

She has been a nurse since 1987 and specialized in emergency and critical medicine prior to her psychiatric program and subsequent certification.

She was educated at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) and graduated from the psychiatric nurse practitioner program in 2008. She is an adjunct professor for UTA and a consultant for Sunovion Pharmaceutical Company where she participates in a national expert lecture series for bipolar disorder.

John Edmonson

John Edmonson

Director of Wellness, MS LPC-S

John, as the Director of Wellness and Life Coach, integrates preventative medicine, mindfulness, and experiential therapy with the Healing Springs Ranch holistic integrated treatment model.

John is a bilingual therapist, with a reputed talent for program planning and management. He takes the lead as an educator, trainer, and coach for both the medical and mental health clinicians, bridging the gap and integrating the innovative treatment approach at Healing Springs Ranch.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, minoring in Psychology and Communication at The University of Texas, and a Masters in Science in Counseling from Texas A&M. John is licensed with the state of Texas as a Counseling Supervisor and holds certifications as a K-12 teacher and school counselor.

He is passionate about making sure that his clients receive the proper treatment. He has firsthand knowledge that an ethical and holistic treatment approach improves the lives of the clients as well as their family, friends, and co-workers. John has made it his life’s mission to help people discover their purpose and recognize their potential. He does this by empowering both clients and those in the helping professions to be aware of their own need for self-care, and know their true potential. He coaches on how to move towards implementing that self-cultivation and spiritual insight into their lives.

He is a lifelong student of different cultures and languages and always at least one book going at any given time.  John is a connoisseur of coffee and enjoys the discovery of a new café, and he is on a quest for the world’s best veggie burger, all while enjoying the great outdoors.

Janet Stagg

Janet Stagg

Chief Compliance Officer

Janet, as a nursing consultant, mentors the nursing staff and assists in training and education of the nursing staff and clinical staff.

Janet has been a Nurse Consultant for Healing Springs to help with the opening and the Joint Commission Certification.  She has vast experience with Mental Health regulatory bodies in Texas and the Joint Commission.  She strives to keep up with all of the regulations and laws associated with Mental Health at all levels of care both inpatient, outpatient, and residential.

Janet has been licensed as a registered nurse in the State of Texas for 45 years.  She has been an Advanced Practice Nurse in Psych-Mental Health Nursing for 23 years.  Janet was one of only 300 Advanced Practice Nurses in Mental Health Nursing in the State of Texas when she received her Master’s Degree in 1995. Her experience in both acute care at all levels of mental health as well as PHP and IOP outpatient programs and residential. Janet worked at the Wichita Falls State Hospital for 9 years where she was the Nurse Manager of the Medical-Surgical Unit as well as an admission unit. She was the Chief Clinical Officer at Charter Hospital Dallas. Janet has also been Director of Nurses at Kindred Hospital Dallas and Texhoma Behavioral Health in Sherman. She has worked at the Cedars in DeSoto as Director of Nursing, Timberlawn as Clinical Manager, and UT Southwestern Zale LIpshy as Nurse Manager of the Behavioral Unit.  She has worked with addiction patients throughout her career starting with the Emergency Room 45 years ago.

Janet is a full-time Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Texas Arlington as well as adjunct faculty at Texas Woman’s University.  She really enjoys teaching nursing students and contributing to the education of future Registered Nurses in Texas.

In her free time, she enjoys playing with her 3 great-grandchildren and cruising with her husband of 50 years.

Paula Heller Garland

Clinical Consultant, MS, LCDC

Paula, as a Clinical Consultant, provides counseling and administration services and has been an addiction professional since 1993. Her work as a clinician has included counseling and administration in a myriad of settings and populations: residential, in-prison, outpatient, with women, those with HIV, and criminal justice.

As immediate past president of the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP), Paula’s main focus has been on advocacy, growing membership that includes more students and interns, and bridging the gap between prevention, treatment, and recovery.

She is a Senior Lecturer at The University of North Texas in the Department of Disability and Addiction Rehabilitation where she values the opportunity to mentor our future counselors. At UNT Paula serves as the Coordinator of the Addiction Program, Clinical Advisor of the Collegiate Recovery Program, and Faculty Sponsor to students in Eagle Peer Recovery Organization.

Paula enjoys conducting workshops for other helping professionals, traveling, writing, and spending time with her teenage son.


Julie Willingham

Program Director,  LCDC

Julie, as a program director, oversees day-to-day operations, clinical staff, as well as provides individual and family therapy to clients.



Michael Molthan

Recovery Program

Michael brings a relatable approach to the twelve-step program every Thursday at the Ranch.

Michael Molthan is a former drug addict and alcoholic who has dedicated his life to helping others on their path to recovery on his daily talk show, M2 The Rock. Molthan is a charismatic speaker, passionate about the topics of addiction recovery, alcoholism, drug addiction, parental education/intervention, addiction education, codependency and enabling, and 12-Step recovery programs to name a few. Molthan's speaking style and the topic of discussion can be tweaked to suit your event and demographic.


Sandra Farahani

Sandra Farahani

Program Therapist, LPC, LCDC

Sandra, as a Program Therapist, leads the DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) Group and Process Groups, in addition to providing individual therapy.

She joined Healing Springs Ranch as a member of the full-time clinical staff, shortly after it opened in 2014. She is passionate about DBT and is currently in the process of becoming certified in DBT.

Sandra has completed the “Trauma Model Certification” training developed by Colin A. Ross M.D. and Melissa Caldwell Engle MS, LPC, ATR. She is also trained in all five levels of Emotional Transformation Therapy and studied under Dr. Steven Vazquez, the creator of ETT.

In addition, she has an interest in transpersonal psychology, transpersonal experiences, spirituality, energy work, and near death experiences (NDE).

Before joining Healing Springs Ranch, Sandra worked as a therapist in the Trauma Unit of University Behavioral Health in Denton, and as a therapist working with juveniles. Prior to becoming a therapist, she worked in the legal field and the program she developed was given an honorable mention in a Congressional Award.

Sandra holds a Master of Science Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Texas Women’s University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Arts and Science, with a focus on addiction.

Sandra shares her life with her husband, son, and daughter, on their mini ranch, where they enjoy their horses and dogs.

Kellie Schriver

Director of Equine Therapy, LCDC, AAC, BCPCC, CEMP, CES

Kellie, as an Adjunct Clinician, provides equine therapy services for Healing Springs Ranch.

Kellie Schriver is a leader in the field and has served as a licensed and board-certified counselor for over 30 years. Incorporating her counseling services with her love of horses and her calling to help others, she developed the equine therapy program, The "Stages" of Changes, endorsed by top professionals in the equine-assisted therapy and mental health fields.

Kellie was drawn to the counseling field in large part by her personal life experiences with family members having mental health and addiction challenges.

Her areas of expertise include the following; equine therapy, equine-assisted learning, women's issues, grief counseling, dual diagnosis, help for the helper, self-care for professionals, team building, addiction, mental health issues, follow-up treatment, spiritual guidance Individual and marriage communication and stress management.

Kelly is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) and earned her degree from Texas Tech University.  She was trained and received a certification from The Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies at the University of Minnesota in Duluth. 

She is certified in the state of Texas as an Advanced Addictions Counselor at the Masters Level.  She is also a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor (American Association of Christian Counselors), Certified Equine Mental Health Professional, Advanced Equine Therapist in the Natural Lifemanship Trauma model and is an equine specialist in both the EAGALA model, and the PATH model.     

Kellie and her husband Dave have been married 25 years and have two sons—Aaron Schriver, a U.S. Marine who was called to be with the Lord in 2007, and Austin Schriver who currently studies Petroleum Engineering at Texas Tech University.

Jodi Greanead

Jodi Greanead

Adjunct Clinician, Psychodrama, LPC

Jodi, as an Adjunct Clinician, directs a weekly psychodrama group.

She has training in psychodrama at Bridging Harts Institute and Psychotherapy for 6 years under the direction of internationally recognized Katrena Hart. She has also trained at  Expressive Therapies Training Institute (ETTI) since 2014.

She has a private practice at Terrell Counseling, Inc. in Denton and Krum, Texas.   She offers individual and group counseling, including a monthly psychodrama therapy group. Jodi has presented psychodrama and Bibliodrama workshops at the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama National Conferences for the last 3 years.

In 2016, she published an article entitled “Creating New Windows for Women: Bibliodrama at the Dallas County Jail” in the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama spring newsletter.

Jodi volunteers with colleagues once a month offering Bibliodrama groups to incarcerated women at the Dallas County Jail. She also serves on the Denton County Mental Health Treatment Court.

Jodi enjoys hiking, kayaking, and spending time with her family when she is not working. She is married and has four children.