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Healing Springs RanchTM

is an Internationally recognized residential treatment center for adults recovering from substance use and other related mental health issues. Tucked away on 50 acres of beautiful and serene lakefront property north of the Dallas metroplex, Healing Springs offers an “Integrated Addiction Model”TM which identifies the underlying issues and unresolved trauma behind most, if not all, addictive patterns and co-occurring symptoms and diagnoses – all during one treatment stay.

Since each person’s addictive and mental health issues lie in a delicate and complex interplay between psychological, chemical and physical aspects of recovery, our treatment program offers a unique personalized approach that addresses the “Whole Person”.


  • Healing Springs Ranch has been a total revelation in my life and recovery. The entire staff are incredibly kind, caring and qualified professionals. I’ve learned so much about both addiction and myself while here and feel I now have incredible tools to use in continuing my recovery process. I cannot possibly recommend this place more highly to you or your loved one. Healing Springs Ranch is years and years ahead of your typical treatment center. They offer their professional help in attaining a total life and wellness change to accompany their expertise in recovery. My desires and expectations coming in to Healing Springs Ranch were not only met but far exceeded.

  • I went to another treatment facility in 2011, but all they really did was keep me safe and sober for 25 days. Healing Springs Ranch helped me identify and express hidden feelings from childhood and young adult trauma. I had never been able to clear those out and feel better. I now feel strong, have no desire to drink, and have a wonderful support system in place that includes Healing Springs Ranch. Great therapists, wonderful staff and altogether a healing experience.

  • HSR is a great rehab facility. Staff is friendly and really cares for patients. The residential rooms are very comfortable and have a homey feeling! The classes are very insightful into the mind and body. The information given could be useful and effective to all. I believe some of the classes and techniques would be very helpful in early education. The therapists are very educated and have unique sessions to make you really think and get to core emotions & trauma. HSR has helped me to understand myself and others which will help me lead a more insightful, healthier life mentally and physically. The focus and dedication of HSR could help individuals work through addiction and lead to a happier/healthier life.

  • My experience at Healing Springs Ranch has been one that I will forever be grateful for. The therapy I received for trauma as well as the education I have received around trauma and addiction were unlike anything I could have imagined. I look forward to applying what I have learned to better my life of recovery both personally and professionally. Thank you for my new look on life!

  • Progressive treatment focus that emphasizes the aspects that truly lend to healing and recovery.  Staff is genuine and truly cares about your state of being. Best food of any rehab facility I have been to and also nutritionally sound. Beautiful campus and opportunity to enjoy the facility, spend free time as desired and has opportunity for outing and recreational activities. This is how every rehab facility should be.

  • HSR for me is a place I always needed but never knew existed. When coming here I was hopeless, emotionally and mentally destitute. Your facility brought me back to a state of hope and courage. I can never repay the kindness, attention, love, and knowledge shared with me here. I thank the men and women who’s hearts make this place what it is….a beacon of hope. They are the definition of bravery. They have become my heroes. Thank you for the bottom of my heart. You saved my family, you saved me.

  • When I came to Healing Springs Ranch my life was falling apart. The wonderful treatment team not only helped me recognize and reconstruct the missing pieces, but they helped me see the beauty in the refurbishment.   It is hard to express the gratitude I feel towards every member of the staff for their undeniable dedication to the success of each person’s individualized treatment; suffice it to say they cultivate an environment conducive to recovery and tailor it to fit the needs of every person who comes through their threshold.    This is not just a place to treat addiction, it is a place to repair the connectedness of your mind, body, and spirit. I will not only continue practicing the life-changing teachings available here, but I will also share them with anyone willing to listen.

  • I will be forever grateful to HSR for letting me come back and do what I did. For me, I’m hoping and very confident now that it saved me from a relapse. It’s very evident to me that the staff care very much about every client that walks through the doors no matter what their issue may be. This is a very special place no doubt. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today with 1 year sober if it weren’t for this place. Thanks again,

  • I arrived at Healing Springs Ranch a broken person who had never experienced rehab. Through the efforts of the highly qualified and caring staff, I was able to heal, become empowered again and leave with the tools and coping skills that will help me successfully navigate the “real” world.  My therapist was the best, challenging me and helping me connect the dots between my past experiences and current destructive behaviors. Thank you HSR!

  • As somebody who has been in treatment before I came to HSR with the expectation that all treatment centers are basically run the same.

    Come to find out that is not the case when it comes to HSR. You guys go above and beyond to ensure that every client gets their needs met. I’ve learned so much these last 3 months and am excited to see what life has in store for me next. I am so grateful that I was able to come to a place like this and truly begin the healing process. HSR is extremely special and as I leave here this morning I am sad. This place means so much to me. It’s hard to express in words how special I think this place really is.

  • Healing Springs Ranch was a game changer for me and I believe that HSR ultimately saved my marriage, my family and most importantly my life. When I came into HSR my world was in a crash and burn status and I now know that I couldn’t have overcome my PTSD, brokenness, and despair without coming to HSR. The therapists are amazing as are the support staff. I will forever be grateful for making the brave choice to walk through the doors at HSR, embrace the pain of my past and ultimately to heal the deep hurts I had inside. Complete game changer. Check that—a complete life changer.

  • Healing Springs Ranch gave me a safe place to heal from emotional and physical trauma as well as my alcoholism. Their staff guided me every step of the way to a recovery I thought was beyond me.

    They showed me how to forgive myself and to connect to the internal strength (that I had lost somewhere along the way) needed to recommit my life to one of gratitude, love, self-compassion, and integrity.

    I will forever be grateful to HSR and will show my appreciation by living my life to its fullest potential. Thank you HSR

  • Healing Springs Ranch is an awesome facility and very caring staff. Still very new facility and is having growing pains. Healthy food- good classes- a wonderful therapist. Up to date on therapy techniques such as ETT. Got me ready to meet the world again sober.

  • This has been my first time in rehab and the first time I have felt like I belong, a safe place where I could finally be me. They have a great and trained staff that have treated me more like family than my own family. The place is cozy and relaxing not to say about the beds, after battling insomnia for 20+ years this was the first time I got a full night of sleep with no legal or illegal drugs. They have taught me how to feel but be mindful and not let it control me, I am very thankful for HSR saving my life.

  • It was hard coming in because it’s hard setting your pride aside, just to say I need help. But once I finally realized what I’m setting it aside for, it not only became a thing of the past, in the distance, it became a life of beauty. All my life I’ve been hiding from the truth, running from the obvious. I came to Healing Springs Ranch for change. A change in life, direction, faith and to accept the things I cannot change. I’m the first of many to come, I hope, to rededicate my life to sobriety and my willpower to God and the good Lord Jesus Christ. (Yes, the pool was freezing but I was warmed up by the spirit). I’ve turned my new and final leaf here at Healing Springs.


Bridging the Gap Between Addiction, Mental Health and TraumaTM

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