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Is Drug Addiction Treatment Very Hard?

Drug addiction treatment includes one-one-one therapy.Overcoming a drug addiction requires extensive treatment. Trying to quit using drugs cold turkey is dangerous and often unsuccessful, which is why rehab is vital. Find out what it takes to make drug addiction treatment effective and successful for individuals ready for recovery.

Whole-Person Approach

Addiction is a complicated and complex disease. There is no instant fix for addiction, nor is there is a medication that can stop cravings. The only way to effectively combat drug addiction is with a whole-person approach.

Addressing the entire person means taking into consideration physical and mental health and emotional stability. Some subpar treatment centers only address the physical side of addiction, but that isn’t good enough. Only focusing on the physical health of a person means that there is a bigger chance of relapse. True recovery means total health from every angle.

Healing Springs Ranch offers a whole-person approach thanks to our own Integrated Addiction Model. Also known as I.AM, this model for addiction recovery incorporates all of the following to address total and comprehensive health:

Customized Treatment Plan

The best drug addiction treatment is not one-size-fits-all. While an evidence-based treatment plan is a great place to start, there has to be some wiggle room. Every client is unique, which means that every client’s treatment model should also be unique.

The personal touch should begin at admission. Incoming clients can have a full evaluation of their physical and mental health. This lays the foundation for an effective treatment plan. Some clients will demonstrate a need for dual diagnosis treatment, and others will gravitate toward family programs. The key is allowing plenty of flexibility so that the treatment matches the client, not the other way around.

Drug Addiction Treatment Addresses Underlying Issues in Therapy

Drug addiction treatment can’t just address the symptoms of the disease. Although that approach might work in the short term, it isn’t a long-term strategy. Clients need to address their underlying issues, and that can be done in therapy during rehab.

Psychotherapy can work through a number of challenging issues. Sometimes, clients struggle with a history of trauma. One-on-one talk therapy can expose trauma and work to resolve it.

Other clients may need mental health support. Behavioral therapy, for example, can drastically improve mindfulness, mindset, and outlook on life. This can go a long way in reducing relapse and encouraging recovery.

Adding Alternative Approaches to Recovery

Drug addiction treatment can also include holistic approaches to recovery. These alternative treatments can be effective, and they have a place in every treatment plan.

Nutritional support, for example, boosts diet and also prepares clients for a future of healthy food preparation. Fitness, hobby and experiential therapies relieve stress and prevent relapse.

The best drug addiction treatment is comprehensive and personalized. At Healing Springs Ranch in Tioga, Texas, you can find a custom treatment plan for your recovery. Start overcoming addiction right now by calling 866-656-8384.

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