How To Recognize Signs Of Heroin Use

Some Signs of Heroin Use are subtleHeroin addiction is an illness that is hard to overcome, but it is possible. The first step toward recovery is getting help in the form of rehab. If you’re worried that someone you know and love requires professional assistance, you’ll want to confirm that heroin use and abuse is the problem. Discover how to recognize some of the most common signs of heroin use.

Needle Marks and Bruising

Perhaps one of the most obvious signs of heroin abuse is visible marks on the arms or any other injection sites. Needle marks can look like red dots, or in some cases, they can be larger areas of infected or bleeding skin. Bruises are also common and they may be concentrated in particular areas.

These marks and bruises are a result of injecting needles into the skin. Although heroin can be consumed in many ways, injection is the most popular means of delivering the drug to the body rapidly.

Changes in Behavior, Personality or Appearance Can be Signs of Heroin Use

Heroin use, and in particular heroin addiction, can cause significant changes in a very short amount of time. Although changes in behavior, personality and appearance aren’t necessarily signs of drug use, they should be noted when found in conjunction with other common signs.

Those addicted to heroin may begin to act more secretly and may not want to share personal information with formerly close friends and family. Individuals using heroin might also begin to wear different types of clothing, particularly long sleeves that can hide needle marks or bruises.

Increase of Heroin-Related Paraphernalia

Loved ones and family members who are actively trying to determine whether heroin use is a concern might also want to keep their eyes open for heroin-related paraphernalia. Just some of the items that might be used in conjunction with heroin use include the following:

  • Burned silver spoons
  • Crumpled aluminum foil or gum wrappers
  • Lots of small plastic baggies
  • Shoes with missing shoelaces
  • Needles and/or syringes

Disrupted Sleep Patterns

One of the more common signs of heroin use is what is known as nodding. This is a change in sleeping patterns that is often seen among heroin users. Nodding is when users increase the amount of time they are feeling drowsy and sleepy during the day. They might have brief periods of activity or energy followed by long periods of sleepiness and decreased activity.

Being able to recognize signs of heroin use might be what it takes to prevent a loved one from suffering from a prolonged drug addiction. Recognizing the illness sooner means getting help in a drug rehab facility sooner. At Healing Springs Ranch in Tioga, Texas, patients can overcome their addictions to heroin and get the necessary treatment to take on life from a new, sober perspective. Call 866.656.8384 today to learn more about your rehab options and to help a loved get back on track.

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