Healing Springs Ranch Joins Forces With M2theROCK Michael

Molthan brings solution-based discourse to the Healing Springs Ranch community and shares his own experience, strength, and hope to help clients on their journey to recovery

TIOGA, Texas, April 21, 2020,/PRNewswire/ — Healing Springs Ranch (HSR), an internationally recognized residential treatment center known for its integrative work with adults recovering from ALL addictions (both process and substance) joins forces with talk show host and motivational speaker, Michael Molthan.

Molthan, who has re-dedicated his life to helping others on their path to recovery, will be sharing his experience, strength, and hope with HSR clients and continues to deliver the message of hope in recovery through his talk show, M2theROCK. The talk show, providing real talk on solutions to addiction, alcoholism, and unmanageable habits, airs LIVE on Facebook and YouTube weekdays at 7:30 PM/CST.

“It’s an honor to join forces with M2theROCK,” said Rachel Graham, President, and Co-founder, MBA. “He is a charismatic speaker and a wealth of knowledge in the areas of addiction recovery, substance use, drug addiction and trauma. Michael will also use his immense social media knowledge to help grow the HSR social media network and the Healing Springs Ranch Show.”

“We are thrilled to have Michael on board as he will also play an integral role in helping the ‘Life Works Foundation’ through networking and social media platforms. Our targeted groups will be professionals and individuals that meet the criterion for treatment, however, lack the financial resources to receive it.” said John Edmonson, MS, LPC-S, Executive Director of Life Works Foundation.

“Interviewing people in recovery on my show allows me to help others – and myself – stay in solution. And while that is immensely gratifying, there is nothing that can take the place of working with someone one on one or in a small group and really making that personal connection,” said Michael Molthan. “I couldn’t be more excited to join the incredible team at Healing Springs Ranch to help others struggling with this disease find their way to a life filled with hope, purpose and promise.” 

About Healing Springs Ranch

Tucked away on 80 acres of beautiful and serene lakefront property north of the Dallas Metroplex, HSR offers a truly Integrated Addictions Model, which addresses the underlying issues and unresolved trauma behind most, if not all, self-defeating addictive patterns and co-occurring symptoms and diagnoses.  As an industry leader, HSR is actively involved in conducting on-going research and publication. HSR’s mission is to provide more integrated treatment by offering innovative and cutting-edge therapeutic modalities. HSR currently offers ETT ® (Emotional Transformation Therapy), Trauma Model Therapy, and the BALM ® (Be A Loving Mirror) family recovery program.  Through research, education and quality services, HSR strives to raise the bar for best practice standards, matching the advances in science and technology to address this national epidemic in both the mental health and addiction fields.

Life Works Wellness (LWW) and Life Works Foundation (LWF) (both sister companies to Healing Springs Ranch) are part of the Elevate Global Partners family of wellness companies. 

Life Works Wellness (LWW) is a new company focused on helping individuals with life balance, optimal performance, purpose, healthy communication skills, and general personal growth.  LWW reaches a broad audience with this powerful mission of a healthy lifestyle and balance for individuals, families, and corporate teams.

Life Works Foundation (LWF) was created to benefit all ages, groups, and professionals to create a greater sense of life purpose and satisfaction.  The goal of LWF is to improve individuals’ mental and physical health by providing preventative measures and treatment.  These include but are not limited to heart disease, cancer, chronic pain, anxiety, addiction, suicidal ideation, PTSD (also referred to as PTSI), and depression, etc. The Foundation focuses on target groups in areas such as productivity, academic and athletic performance, personal and professional relationships, and work-life balance.

About Michael Molthan
For over 25 years, Michael Molthan was known as one of the best luxury home builders in the country. But an addiction to drugs and alcohol caused his life to spiral out of control, slowly stripping him of everything that mattered to him, including his business, his relationship with his family, his marriage, his children and finally, his freedom. After 27 arrests and doing close to 4 years in prison, Molthan had a “spiritual awakening” and today his passion is to follow God’s plan for him by helping people in their struggles with addictions, hurts, habits, and hang-ups through his talk show, M2theROCK. The digital talk show airs LIVE on Facebook and YouTube weekdays at 7:30 PM/CST. Past episodes can be accessed on-demand via YouTube, Facebook and on major podcast platforms. www.M2TheRock.com 

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