Healing Springs Ranch gets an article published in “Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma” Reductions in Symptomatology at a Residential Treatment Center for Substance Use Disorders

TIOGA, Texas, Oct. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Taylor & Francis published an article on “Reductions in Symptomatology at a Residential Treatment Center for Substance Use Disorders” by The Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma, Healing Springs Ranch, Melissa Caldwell Engle, Clinical Director, and Co-founder, MS, LPC, ATR, and Billie Baker, MA, LCDC, LPC.  

‪”This is quite an honor to share our findings and work together across the clinical and medical spectrums,” said Rachel Graham, President, and Co-founder, MBA.  “This industry lacks specific standards as to the efficacy of treatment and at Healing Springs Ranch, we are trying to set the bar for other treatment facilities to follow as it relates to the treatment of addiction and the underlying mental health and traumatic events.”

“Healing Springs Ranch offers a truly Integrated Recovery Model that recognizes and addresses the unresolved mental health issues that underlie chronic addictive patterns,” said Melissa Caldwell Engle, Clinical Director and Co-founder, MS, LPC, ATR. “Our multi-dimensional model offers more than simple behavioral management (abstinence).”

Integrated Recovery Model addresses and identifies the following:

  1. underlying trauma(s) that have not been processed,
  2. ALL addictive patterns and underlying mental health symptoms/diagnoses,
  3. new healthy emotional coping strategies,
  4. emotional regulation through experiential modalities,
  5. prevention of future addictive and mental health patterns,
  6. family therapy and education,
  7. individual life purpose, and
  8. current and future recovery support systems.

Also, they believe that limiting the measurement of treatment success to a self-report of a single behavior, such as abstinence, provides very little information about how to decrease relapse frequency, duration between relapse and recovery, addiction substitution, or how to enhance treatment techniques.  Their on-going research not only identifies relapse rates but also utilizes standardized inventories (pre- and post-treatment) for measuring the reduction of depression, anxiety and PTSD symptoms. This information is critical for the advancement in the field, treatment efficacy and destigmatizing mental health and addiction.

About Healing Springs Ranch

Healing Springs Ranch is an Internationally recognized residential treatment center for adults recovering from all addictions, substance use disorder and other related mental health issues. Tucked away on 50 acres of beautiful and serene lakefront property north of the Dallas metroplex, Healing Springs Ranch enhances the lives of those touched by addiction and related mental health issues through high-quality, innovative and customized client care solutions designed to improve treatment outcomes.  For more information visit www.healingspringsranch.com. You may also follow us on https://www.facebook.com/healingspringsranch and https://www.linkedin.com/in/healing-springs-ranch-1a7039122/