Traits of an Addictive Personality

One addictive personality traits is isolationHave you ever wondered why some people can drink socially while others become alcoholics? Maybe you struggle with drug addiction although your friends seem to use recreationally and are able to stop when they want. Once you understand what an addictive personality is, you’ll be in a better position to beat whatever your addictions are.

Traits of an Addictive Personality

Some people are predisposed to developing an addiction due to their personality or behavior. Typical addictive personality traits include:

  • Impulsiveness
  • Narcissism
  • Aggressiveness
  • Disagreeableness
  • Negative outlook

People who don’t handle stress in productive ways — such as choosing to listen to soothing music or work out to deal with frustration — are at greater risk of becoming addicted to a substance. Addictive personality types also seem to be sad, depressed or anxious more than those around them. They might also be “thrill seekers,” always on the hunt for risky or new experiences. When a person has one addiction, he or she is more likely to have others as well.

This doesn’t mean that a person who exhibits most of these traits will definitely become addicted to something. Other factors go into the development of addiction. Even one influence like having a strong support network can do some good in lowering a person’s addiction risk.

Getting Help for Your Addictions

Just because you may have personality traits or behavior patterns that increase the odds of addiction doesn’t mean you can’t change your outlook on life and control your addictive urges. With the right treatment, including addiction counseling, you can overcome some of the negative viewpoints you have and learn to approach stress and unforeseen circumstances in a more positive light.

The caring staff at Healing Springs Ranch is here to help you do just that. We’ll focus on the roots of your particular issues because each of us is different and has varied needs. When we know the “why” of your addiction, we can then work on how to treat it. Getting to the core of the problem gives you a better chance at recovery and lessens the possibility of relapse.

The treatment programs we offer include:

We believe that recovery includes the whole person, so we’ll work on your mental, emotional and physical recovery. You’ll find an array of fun amenities such as a swimming pool, workout facility, and golf course. Once you experience how good it feels to be active, you’ll be better equipped to face your addictions and work toward recovery.

Addiction shouldn’t control your life. Once you partner with a quality drug rehab facility, you’ll have the tools to overcome it. Contact Healing Springs Ranch today at 866-656-8384. We’ll get you on the road to recovery.

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