Short-Term Residential Treatment

How Does Short-Term Residential Treatment Help with Addiction Rehab?

Having the desire to achieve a successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is the biggest hurdle to overcome in the race for sobriety. Once you have that desire, the next, smaller hurdle is that of determining which type of treatment program is best suited for your recovery needs. Options include inpatient, short-term residential, outpatient and intensive outpatient, among others.

Making the Decision for Short-Term Residential Treatment

There’s no debate in the recovery community regarding residential treatment's position as the most intensive, complete method of overcoming addiction. Research experts agree, which indicates that residential treatment is much more effective than outpatient treatment. This is primarily due to the focus individuals are able to have on their issues, as patients in residential addiction rehab.

Addiction isn’t just one problem consisting of substance abuse, but a web of multiple concerns that must be individually and collectively addressed. Residential treatment provides a focused space in which to untangle that web while learning how to deal with addiction and prevent relapse in the future.

Under the collective umbrella of residential rehab, there are various types of programs. The primary differentiating factor is that of program duration. Short-term residential treatment rehab tends to be between 28 and 30 days, whereas long-term residential rehab can extend for much longer, often 90 days or more.

While making the decision between short-term residential treatment or long-term residential treatment can be a personal one, sometimes outside factors come into play that helps determine the final decision. Those may include limited time off from work, financial issues, insurance coverage, family responsibilities, and other factors.

One thing to remember is that a short-term residential stay can provide a depth of rehabilitation toward lasting recovery that outpatient most often cannot. This makes short-term residential treatment an attractive option to at least begin down the road of recovery with great focus.

Benefits of Short-Term Residential Rehab

There are advantages and disadvantages to all forms of treatment, whether the program is residential, outpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, or another type of rehab. Short-term residential offers many benefits to those seeking solid recovery from addiction, including:

  • Intense focus on the recovery of residential treatment with a more affordable cost than long-term residential rehab
  • Less time consuming than long-term treatment for those who cannot be away from home for more than 30 days
  • Less disruptive to personal life than longer-term absence
  • Opportunity to start recovery with greater momentum than outpatient
  • Provides readiness for the outpatient continuation of treatment with a more solid position in sobriety than outpatient treatment alone
  • Quality time spent physically adapting to a clean body with the adoption of better nutrition and physical fitness
  • Establishment of a lasting, supportive community of peers and counselors in recovery

Healing Springs Ranch for Quality Short-Term Residential Addiction Treatment

When short-term programs are the right choice for your residential addiction treatment, Healing Springs Ranch offers a multi-faceted and comprehensive program of rehabilitation from drug and alcohol addiction. The facility's location in Tioga, TX on 50 acres of quarter-horse-country ranch land provides a pristine setting for the enjoyment of nature and a return to whole-person wellness. Patients' physical selves are returned to better balance in these first 30 days of recovery, with nutritional guidance, physical fitness, and organic wellness playing a strong role in healing for the present and future as a sober, healthy adult.

If you or someone you love is ready for rehab but can only commit a short period of time to highly focused treatment, short-term programs of residential rehab can provide for a healthy start to recovery. From there, outpatient treatment can pick up where residential leaves off, while patients are in their own homes and maintaining daily life responsibilities.

Contact Healing Springs Ranch now for more information about short-term and long-term residential programs in Tioga, TX. Getting started for healthy recovery is the right choice.