Family Program

“All of us will experience trauma in our lifetime, but it is how we deal with it that matters.”

Recognizing this concept, allows us to truly understand the impact addiction has on families. Living with an addiction is a traumatic experience. Loss of control, relationships, marriage, job, etc. creates a vicious cycle of despair, hopelessness, shame and helplessness. However, living with an addict, who is lost in this cycle, is also a traumatic experience for family and friends.

This cycle requires us to not only look at healing the trauma in the addict -- both past and present -- but to address the trauma accrued by the family and friends while living with an addict. Healing Springs will offer a family program week intensive that does just that. Our program philosophy will provide a common language to encourage, understand and provide healing for both our client and his/her family.   Individual, group, and couples counseling will be offered by our addiction treatment experts, as well as didactic/educational and experiential group activities.  Gaining sobriety, in and of itself, does not break the cycle of addiction. Only until the collective trauma endured by the family is addressed, will this cycle truly be broken. Our commitment goes beyond the identified addict, we understand the importance of healing the family from the inside out.

The client's therapist will contact family members and/or friends for scheduling.