Our Texas rehab center does not have dingy hallways where this young man is sitting.Searching for the right rehab facility can be a challenge. Depending on where you live, you may have your choice of several centers nearby or you may have to travel some distance to find the right place for you. Whether or not you live in the great state of Texas, our Texas rehab center may be the perfect spot to start you or a loved one on the road to recovery.

What Our Texas Rehab Center Has to Offer

When you choose a center for rehab help, consider your surroundings. The beautiful, scenic, peaceful views at our facility make a wonderful backdrop for residential treatment. Instead of being distracted from your ultimate goal of recovery by too much activity going on around you, you can focus on taking care of your mind and body in this serene setting.a

We’re proud to be in the heart of quarter-horse ranch country. You’ll enjoy the view of a private lake as well as a 9-hole, par 3 golf course. Although we’re situated in a quiet area, our Texas rehab center is only one hour north of downtown Dallas and 50 minutes northeast of DFW International Airport. This makes us a wonderful option for anyone in Texas or surrounding areas who want a chance to leave the hustle and bustle behind as they work on a sustainable recovery plan.

Not only will you uncover the reasons that may have led you to addiction, you’ll also discover ways to enjoy life. You’ll experience recovery of your “whole person” by taking advantage of some of the amenities we provide, such as:

  • Kayaking
  • Aquatic driving range
  • Yoga
  • Sand volleyball
  • Outdoor swimming pool

Our 28-bed center offers a residential treatment duration ranging from 30 to 90 days. We also provide aftercare should you require it. We’ll carefully consider your needs when suggesting the best option for you.

Recovering at Your Home Away From Home

At Healing Springs Ranch, we want you to experience holistic recovery. Our team will place an emphasis on getting to the underlying issues that led you to addiction in the first place. We’ll work with you to understand the “why” behind your addiction in an effort to help you overcome it.

To that end, we’ll tailor your treatment at our Texas rehab center specifically for you. Our individualized plans take into account your uniqueness because we want to know what motivates you. Taking the time and making the effort to truly focus on your specific needs allows us to make sure you get the full benefits of treatment.

The types of programs we offer include:

If you’re seeking treatment for a loved one, our family program recognizes that addiction doesn’t only affect the person struggling with substance abuse. It also affects those around him or her. Our Texas rehab center has caring and compassionate staff members who will work with you in order to encourage and heal. We also want to encourage and heal the family, from the inside out.

We’ll work together to balance your physical and mental states because we understand how important it is for your whole person to be well, not just your addiction. There’s a new person waiting to get out of the prison of addiction.

You can overcome your addiction with help from our Texas rehab center. There’s no need to let addiction control your life any longer. Contact us and let us get you on the road to recovery. Are you ready to change your life? Then call Healing Springs Ranch today at 866-656-8384.