Why a San Antonio Drug Treatment Center Might Not Work For EveryoneIf you live in the San Antonio area and are struggling with addiction, a San Antonio drug treatment center may have failed you too. If you experienced relapse after attending a San Antonio drug treatment center, then it’s time to search a wider area for some more effective treatment options.

In 2012, nine out of every 100,000 Texas residents died from a prescription drug overdose. According to the Drug Policy Alliance, accidental overdoses are up by 150% over an eight-year span. The 150% number is particularly concerning as it means that many people have either not sought proper treatment for their addictions, or they went through treatment that was ineffective.

Healing Springs Ranch in Tioga, Texas, is located only 30 miles from the Oklahoma border, which isn’t a far travel distance for most people in the state and surrounding areas. Tioga is about a five-hour-and-30-minute drive via I-35W S and I-35 S from San Antonio. This makes it far enough away to help patients get some separation from bad situations or environments, but also close enough where they don’t feel completely isolated. Our ranch occupies a 50-acre property and includes a 9-hole par 3 golf course, a lake, outdoor swimming pool, workout facility and much more.

Why a San Antonio Drug Treatment Center Might Not Work For Everyone

There are many reasons why patients experience relapse, but in general, the reason why you might have relapsed after attending San Antonio drug treatment has to do with the quality of care and how well they engaged with you during treatment. Our focus at Healing Springs is the Integrated Addiction Model, which works to discover underlying issues that many patients don’t even realize that they have. A large number of addiction cases have underlying issues, unresolved trauma or some type of mental disorder at their heart. During your stay, Healing Springs seeks to discover and treat these issues along with the addiction itself.

There’s another reason why San Antonio drug treatment may not have worked for you if you live in the San Antonio area. In fact, some patients have difficulty getting treatment in their hometown. Sometimes having nearby access to familiar habits, situations, social circles and other things that surrounded your addiction, hampers your ability to truly engage with treatment. Leaving these things behind not only reinforces your commitment to the path of recovery but also gives you a tangible separation that may immediately refresh your outlook on life. At Healing Springs, our staff has more than 100 years of combined experience, and we understand that a whole person approach is the most effective way to address addiction and its related issues.

Traveling Instead of Attending San Antonio Drug Treatment

When you choose to travel a short distance to Healing Springs Ranch instead of attending San Antonio drug treatment, you will find the quality and integrative care you deserve. Despite the prevalence of addiction to drugs and alcohol, many people never get the level of care they need to completely recover from addiction and avoid relapse. Sometimes patients will simply attend detox and then believe they can go back to their life and have the willpower to say “no” to addiction. Unfortunately, that very rarely works as addiction itself is both a physical and mental disease with a range of factors contributing to its continuation.

Only when addiction is treated as a disease and given the multi-level, whole person approach to care can a real and lasting recovery result. Because there’s no simple cure that fits all patients, treatment plans must be highly personalized and flexible to change throughout the rehabilitation process. Furthermore, patients benefit greatly from learning life skills to help them cope with triggers and a new sober lifestyle.

This is the type of care you will find at Healing Springs Ranch, which is a unique, fully-integrative treatment center. If you’re ready to take that next step toward truly successful recovery, give us a call today at 866-656-8384.