When an El Paso Alcohol Rehab May Not Be the Right ChoiceDrug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem in much of the country, with many individuals not getting the professional help they need to combat it. People sometimes have trouble finding the help they need if they don’t look beyond their local area for treatment options. Looking outside of your local El Paso alcohol rehab center can give you a much wider array of choices and raise the chances of finding the program that best suits your unique needs. When you live in a big state like Texas, you don't even necessarily have to look outside the state, but instead, you can explore the options in various other metro areas.

For example, if you’re looking for residential treatment in a fully-contained living area that is outside busy city limits, then Healing Springs Ranch in Tioga, Texas might be the right place for you. Tioga is about 9 hours via I-20 W and I-10 W from your local El Paso alcohol rehab, and the ranch itself is located on 50 serene acres well away from busy city limits. This is a fully contained living area for adults being treated and recovering from substance abuse. It includes a wide array of activities on-site, including fishing, golfing, and a workout facility.

When an El Paso Alcohol Rehab May Not Be the Right Choice

If you're thinking about an El Paso alcohol rehab to treat your alcohol addiction, or if you have already been to an El Paso alcohol rehab that failed you, then you should also consider areas outside of El Paso in your search. Not only will you have a wider range of programs and facilities to choose from, but you’ll also have the opportunity of getting out of your neighborhood that its temptations and triggers. For some people, leaving their neighborhood represents leaving old habits and situations behind, and this can include addictions. The forced separation can strengthen resolve and commitment to stay in treatment. On the other hand, being treated locally sometimes makes it easy to give up with so many familiar temptations just beyond the center’s doors.

If a local El Paso alcohol rehab has failed you in the past, then Healing Springs Ranch wants you to give treatment and recovery a second chance. Many patients struggling with addiction also have co-occurring mental disorders and/or unresolved trauma. Healing Springs has experienced staff with more than 100 years of combined experience between them, and many were also trained at the Trauma Institute. One of our top areas of expertise is discovering the underlying issues that tend to trigger addiction and we can treat these issues right alongside addiction.

Traveling Away from El Paso Alcohol Rehab

When you travel to Healing Springs in Tioga, Texas, you will find a treatment that focuses on a whole-person approach by using an integrated addiction model. We use a practical healing approach, which includes elements of physical, mental, chemical, and emotional health. Our holistic approach combines an extensive assessment with blood analysis, life skills training, learning to eat healthy, 12-step programming, and much more. For those traveling to Tioga, we offer residential and short-term residential treatment programs, but we also offer outpatient programs.

The good news about traveling for treatment and attending a residential program is that inpatient treatment tends to have a much higher success rate than outpatient. So if you have been to outpatient treatment locally in the past and didn’t get the results you wanted, then you should know that there’s still hope for a successful treatment and recovery. There are many reasons why addiction treatment fails and many times it's not completely the patient’s fault. Because addiction is a highly personal disease with a myriad of complex issues beneath the surface, treatment cannot be a one-size-fits-all program.

If you're ready to take the next step in treating your addiction and want a highly personalized program that caters to your unique needs, then give Healing Springs Ranch a call today at 866-656-8384. We can help you reclaim the life that addiction stole from you.