Did You Attend Addiction Treatment in Austin and Then Relapse?According to the CDC (Centers For Disease Control), about 6,500 Texans die every year from complications related to alcohol abuse, and about 400 of those are people under the age of 21. If you live in Austin and are dealing with an addiction to alcohol or other commonly abused substance, then you may already know that accredited addiction treatment in Austin isn’t always easy to find. When choosing addiction treatment in Austin or anywhere else, you should look for a facility that’s accredited by a third-party such as CARF or the Joint Commission. Addiction treatment centers that don’t have a third-party accreditation, or are only accredited by the state, may have lower quality treatment due to lack of credible oversight.

Healing Springs Ranch in Tioga, Texas is an accredited addiction treatment facility located on 50 acres with lakefront views. However, our beautiful grounds aren’t what makes us different, but rather it’s our Integrated Addiction Model and experienced staff, many of whom were trained at the Trauma Institute.

We understand that addiction is a highly personal disorder for most patients and behind it often lies a complexity of other issues, from psychology to genetics to unresolved trauma among other factors. That’s why we combine our Integrated Addiction Model with the time-tested 12-Step program, as well as a range of other holistic and innovative treatments at our facility.

Did You Attend Addiction Treatment in Austin and Then Experience Relapse?

A lot of factors go into the process of addiction treatment and that’s why it’s sometimes hard for patients to find the treatment they need and that works well for them. If you have already attended addiction treatment in Austin and experienced a relapse, then you might want to expand your search outside of your local area.

The important thing to understand is that recovery is still very possible and your situation isn’t hopeless just because you relapsed after addiction treatment in Austin. There are many reasons why patients attend addiction treatment but don’t enjoy a lasting recovery, so it’s important that you still continue to seek help.

To begin with, everyone’s addiction issues are different and not everyone can benefit from the exact same type of treatment, which is why it’s important for addiction treatment facilities to offer a broad range of treatment options that are strongly personalized. Another factor is that patients will sometimes go to detox thinking that once they get the substance out of their bodies, they will be able to overcome their addictive habits through a force of will. In fact, addiction isn’t simply a chemical dependency. Very often, it’s driven by something psychologically, whether it’s unresolved trauma or an undiagnosed mental disorder. Professional detox and rehab treatment are vital to successfully overcoming addiction.

Choosing a Short Travel Distance to Tioga Over Addiction Treatment in Austin

If you live in Austin and have attended addiction treatment in Austin, but without satisfactory results, then you might consider that you need some separation from your hometown in order to fully pursue recovery. Healing Springs Ranch is a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Austin via I-35W N and I-35 N, which is plenty of distance to help you get that separation, but not so far that you feel homesick. Traveling away from your hometown for addiction treatment helps you both mentally and physically separate from the things in your life that may have been triggering or exacerbating your substance abuse. Once you arrive at Healing Springs Ranch, you will begin the process of recovery with a whole-person treatment model that will help you heal mentally, emotionally and physically.

It’s important not to wait another day to seek treatment for the disease of addiction. The sooner you seek help, the sooner you can begin a sober lifestyle. Call Healing Springs Ranch today at 866-656-8384.