•  Visitation is not allowed in the first 4 days of treatment.
  •  Visitation is allowed on Sunday, according to the schedule. Clients are allowed 3 visitors (children ages 16 and younger do not count in those 3).
  •  Clients must add expected visitors to the visitation list by the end of the day EACH THURSDAY.
  •  Visitors must be approved by the HSR treatment team prior to visitation.
  •  All visitors are required to attend a “Visitor Orientation” on their first visit.

Orientation is Sunday at 12:00 pm at our Corporate office at 219 Gene Autry Dr, Tioga, TX 76271

  • All visitors must stop at the Bunkhouse as soon as they arrive at HSR.
  • All visitors must leave their automobile, keys, and ID with the Bunkhouse staff.
  • Cell phones are not allowed in the visitation area and must be left in your automobile or at the bunkhouse.
  • No purses, bags or wallets are allowed to be taken down to the visitation area and must be locked in your automobile.
  • All visitors must be transported from the Bunkhouse to the designated visitation area by HSR staff after arrival. No visitors may travel to the designated visitation area without an escort.
  • Visitors may only bring approved items and they must be left at the Bunkhouse. HSR staff will ensure all items are safe and allowed before transporting the items to the client.
  • Visitors may not be under the influence of substances at the time of visit.
  • Visitors deemed inappropriate must leave HSR if requested by staff.
  • Visitors deemed inappropriate may be banned from future visits.
  • Visitors are not allowed into clients sleeping rooms under any circumstances.