Anger management counselingIt’s clear that people with addictions have serious issues. In most cases, they have emotional or trauma issues that cause them to medicate their minds and bodies with harmful substances. By eliminating the ability to feel, they deal with their problems the best way they know how. By the time they seek treatment and recovery from their addiction, their illness has probably progressed to the point that they need psychological treatment, even anger management counseling.

Of all the issues you deal with in addiction, anger issues, if any exist, deserve immediate attention. Anger has a way of permeating someone’s life until friends and family are lost forever. Anger also has a way of progressing to the point where innocent people get hurt and laws get broken. If turned inward, anger leads to the acceleration of an addiction as a means of intentionally destroying oneself. Without anger management treatment, things generally don’t end well.

Addiction and Anger

Have you ever known someone dealing with a personal addiction who seemed harmless? On the outside, they might be upbeat and highly functional. Make no mistake about it, they may have a volcano boiling over somewhere in their body and/or mind. There’s a trigger that when ignited, brings the anger out in the most inappropriate way at the most inopportune times.

At Healing Springs Ranch, we believe most addiction is caused by past trauma. When a person is injured physically or emotionally, they fight or flee. At some point, those who flee will eventually stop and fight. Abusing substances is the way they flee from their trauma. When they realize addiction is ineffective against the emotions they feel, it’s anger that moves to the forefront as a means of protection. While anger can protect us from evil, it can also be used to create pain and chaos.

Based on what has been discussed at this point, it’s fair to say addiction and anger typically go hand and hand. Anger management is the best possible solution to destructive anger issues just like addiction treatment is the best solution for addiction issues. The noted effectiveness of anger management is the primary reason why judges sentence people to anger management classes before moving forward with restrictive punishment measures.

Getting Treatment for an Addiction with Anger Management Included

Like an addiction, anger management issues don’t go away without some form of outside intervention. If you have stand-alone anger management issues, you would seek help from a psychologist or counselor, at the very least. Addiction issues require the help of trained professionals who have experience dealing with addiction. When both problems exist simultaneously, you would seek help with addiction counseling which treats both issues at the same time.

Addiction and anger management treatment are similar in many ways. Both require a significant amount of time invested before progress becomes evident. They both require a focus on the individual’s emotions and innermost feelings. Both require the attending psychologist or counselor to get to the root causes before a significant change can be made. Treating one without addressing the other will result in failure. Finally, both issues require the individual to obtain the life skills and coping capabilities necessary to keep things in check.

The question remains, “Where can you get treatment for both your addiction and anger issues at the same time?” The reality is you might have some difficulty finding a place that deals with both addiction and anger issues. The best chance you have for finding the right treatment facility requires you to look for a place that treats addiction as the primary illness with a secondary focus on dual diagnosis treatment. At Healing Springs Ranch, we are proficient at treating both issues simultaneously.

Healing Springs Ranch

If you are dealing with both an addiction to harmful substances as well as anger management issues, your treatment options are limited. You can easily find a reputable addiction treatment facility but will find it difficult to find one that also addresses your psychological issues. Likewise, you can enlist the services of a psychologist or counselor for anger management education but might struggle to find someone who treats addictions as well.

Through years of experience, our counselors and clinicians here at Healing Springs Ranch determined that trauma and emotional stress are the core issues underlying many addictions. With this in mind, we have developed a treatment program that seeks to expose our client’s pain and trauma, which we consider the root cause of their addictive behavior. If anger and psychological issues are involved, we are prepared to address those issues as well.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment through Our Integrated Addiction Model

As indicated above, it’s an exercise in futility to address one issue without treating the other issue at the same time. We believe this is one of the reasons why so many people suffer one relapse after another. Our own Integrated Addiction Model (I.AM) treatment program establishes the basis for a lasting recovery.

Here’s how it works. The I.AM has structured around three primary components–the 12 step principles, a trauma treatment model and functional medicine practices. Through an intensive interview process, we work with the client on a mission of self-discovery. The goal is to identify the residing trauma and any anger management issues that are included. We also strive to address the client’s overall wellness, meaning their soul and spirit as well as the body.

Once the core issues are identified, we begin the process of developing a customized and personalized treatment program that includes therapy and problem-solving. The end goal is to leave our clients with long lasting sobriety and the coping skills needed to maintain a healthy recovery, void of relapse. In fact, the success of our program is determined by our ability to place our clients firmly and permanently on the road to recovery.

To reiterate, our treatment program is specifically tailored for each client. We recognize that all of our clients are individuals. They come from diverse backgrounds with a unique set of problems. To treat each client with the same program would be tantamount to preparing for failure. Each client is treated as a specific individual.

About the Facility

Our 28-bed Healing Springs Ranch facility is located in the heart of horse country in Tioga, Texas. Tioga is centrally located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With a major airport in such close proximity, our facility is easy to reach from almost anywhere in the country.

This is a residential treatment center. Patients are required to stay a minimum of 30 days, though we recommend an extended stay of up to 90 days for the best possible results. Our clients are housed in residential units that overlook a beautiful lake and an executive golf course. We provide therapy, nutrition education and holistic treatment options, customized for each client.

After a good breakfast, the morning hours are devoted to therapy and treatment. The process is not always fun, but always necessary. After extensive therapy, our clients are given ample opportunity to take advantage of the facility’s amenities. By no means do we consider our comfortable and homey residential treatment to be a luxury facility. However, we do everything in our power to make our clients feel Healing Springs Ranch is their home away from home.


As part of their posted weekly schedule, our clients can enjoy our amenities. Among the most popular of these amenities are:

  • Par 3, 9-hole executive golf course
  • Access to water sports like lake fishing and kayaking
  • Holistic classes such as meditation and yoga
  • A full-service exercise facility
  • A unique aquatic golf driving range
  • A Bocce Ball court
  • A swimming pool and sand volleyball court

When therapy has concluded, we will continue to work with our clients through a number of aftercare programs. A big part of recovery is remaining diligent. An aftercare maintenance program offers the client an opportunity to stay focused on recovery while avoiding the triggers and issues that prompt relapses.

If you are dealing with an addiction as well as anger management issues, you need to be aware that sooner or later, something has to give. When you are ready to get serious about recovery or simply have questions on how to do it, contact us at 866-656-8384. At our Healing Springs Ranch facility, we are prepared to give you the help you need. We will not rest until we have helped you become a well-rounded individual, who is prepared to walk the road of recovery on the way to a better way of living.