What is Vaping and Why is it so Dangerous?

Vaping came on the scene in the early 2000s and has grown in popularity since then.  To vape, you inhale the aerosol vapor from an e-cigarette or vape pen.  The vape pen usually consists of four parts; the mouthpiece, the battery, the cartridge of e-liquid, and a heating element. It is the heating element that turns the cartridge contents into the aerosol vape which is then inhaled into the lungs.

The e-liquid cartridges often contain propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin-based liquid with nicotine, flavoring, and other chemicals or metals. Some e-liquid cartridges contain THC or other synthetic drugs instead of nicotine. It’s been discovered that aerosol vape contains particles that have varying amounts of toxic chemicals, linked to cancer, respiratory, and heart disease.

A growing body of evidence indicates that vaping products may be dangerous. Health advocates now discourage the use of e-cigarettes due to new evidence that suggests the use of risk outweighs the benefits. 

Vitamin E acetate is often used as an additive in e-cigarettes containing THC.  The CDC has identified vitamin E acetate as a chemical of concern as there is a direct correlation associating it with lung injury (EVALI).

CDC now recommends that people not use an e-cigarette, or vaping, products that contain THC. And while vitamin E acetate appears to be associated with EVALI, there is not enough evidence to prove that there aren’t other chemicals of concern to EVALI. The only sure way to mitigate your risk is to stop using all e-cigarette, or vaping products.

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