Trauma and Addiction

The Relationship of Trauma and Addiction

Traumatic ordeals can cause emotional or mental damage in some people. There are many causes of these ordeals and each case is subjective. However, it’s common for people who suffer difficult events to develop addictions when they don’t deal with those events. Understanding the connection between trauma and addiction can help them overcome both.

What Are the Effects of a Traumatic Ordeal?

Trauma and addiction have taken their toll on this sad woman.Some people simply have trouble coping with traumatic events or situations. They can feel extremely afraid of mental or physical harm, or imminent death. Traumatized people can feel a range of other temporary emotions such as betrayal, confusion, and pain. They often experience the feeling of being helpless or powerless as well.

The Link Between Trauma and Addiction

Trauma and addiction often occur together when people don’t deal with traumatic events properly. In the case of drug addiction, they use drugs to help them cope with the issue or escape from it. Many drugs will make them feel calm or empowered, which are emotions that they rarely experience otherwise.

For example, benzos can relieve their anxiety, and stimulants can help them feel focused and energized. They may also use opioids to get high and relax and use psychedelics to take a spiritual journey. Alcohol and marijuana are popular drug choices because they make people feel relaxed.

Using any of these drugs regularly to avoid trauma-related symptoms can lead to addiction. Having both of these problems can eventually drag people to rock bottom. While they get treatment for the emotional and mental damage, they have to treat the addiction as well.

Most Common Traumatic Events and Situations

Addiction experts treat people for traumatic events or situations. Each of these contributes to addiction in different ways.

One of the most common events that people have trouble dealing with is criminal acts or accidents. The events can change how they function in everyday life. Maybe their heart rates increase when they run errands after thieves attacked them in a parking lot. They use drugs to stop thinking about the traumatic events.

The effects of emotional and physical childhood abuse extend into adulthood. When those affected have access to alcohol or drugs, they use them to cope with flashbacks and nightmares. The drugs dull the stress but increase the likelihood of further traumatic situations.

Grief from the loss of a loved one can take a huge emotional toll on people. Some people use drugs to cope with the resulting anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder that develops. Their goal is to numb their feelings.

Many addiction experts also deal with sexual assault or abuse victims. If rape is the traumatic event, the victim may feel too embarrassed to seek help. In some situations, the attacker was someone whom the victim knew and trusted. The emotional pain and strain is often so bad that the victim believes self-medication is the only treatment option.

Get Comprehensive Care for Your Addiction

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