Staying on Top of your Recovery Journey . . . During a Pandemic and Social Distancing

The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic is a time of uncertainty that has increased anxiety for many people. Anxiety can result in many uncomfortable feelings that are felt throughout your body. Anxiety often creates behavioral paralysis and those affected are disengaged from routines and obligations. With COVID-19 the subsequent social distancing compounds feelings of dread and anxiety which makes self-care difficult.

COVID-19 most certainly creates situations that threaten recovery and sobriety. Social distancing increases isolation and prohibits support and the need for daily medication that supports recovery. It also creates barriers to recovery through barring social networking and access to medical attention. 

Life is full of challenges and in these unprecedented times, where the gathering is prohibited and the need for connection and support has increased, creative exploration of options is necessary to meet our recovery needs. The new, innovative ways include telemeetings, free self-help tools, and treatment facilities. There are many pathways towards recovery maintenance, and these all represent important possibilities.

Have a plan for your recovery and work tirelessly to make it work. Your plan should include how you will handle yourself when things go unexpectedly because right now, everything is unexpected. Difficult times and painful emotions will pass and through it all, you will succeed. 

Take advantage of all activities that contradict addictive behavior. These activities might include, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, running, hiking, learning new skills, or hobbies that develop your short-term and long-term goals. Practice communicating your needs openly and use technology such as social media, facetime, and zoom to stay connected.

Work to identify telemedicine and therapeutic support care providers. Many providers are now offering remote sessions and telephone meetings for care. Supervision and social monitoring are necessary for a safe recovery. Overcoming challenges requires resilience and grit. Proactively creating and working through your recovery plan will be instrumental in preventing a relapse into harmful addictive behaviors. 

Relapse happens and is a common phenomenon in the recovery journey. Remember, falling off the horse doesn’t prevent you from starting again. The pandemic is stressful for everyone, and more so for those in recovery. An antidote for substance abuse is a connection, so work those alternative options and stay connected to your support group. 

Here are some resources available for those in recovery who need the help:

Even in this unprecedented time of a worldwide pandemic, peace, and serenity can become a part of your recovery story.

Healing Springs Ranch provides a truly Integrated Addiction Model™ which focuses on the “function” of the addiction as opposed to the “behavior”. This means that we identify and address the underlying “function” of ALL addictive cycles including those patterns seen in most mental health symptoms and diagnoses. Whether a person struggles with alcoholism, substance use, depression, anxiety, or is addicted to a process such as gambling, pornography, gaming, shopping, etc., our model recognizes that these symptoms all serve the same purpose-to avoid and medicate the pain. This unresolved pain and or trauma, in addition to low self-esteem and poor coping skills, create the perfect combination for a desperate need to escape. 

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