Are My Signs of Addiction Showing?

The early signs of substance abuse might be overlooked because they’re excused as other issues. You might be worried that you’re showing signs of addiction if your loved ones have expressed concern. Having an understanding of the signs and risks of addiction might help you see that you need treatment.

Obvious Visual Signs

The signs of addiction can make her despair of any recovery.

Addiction exhibits many visual signs such as bloodshot eyes and pupils that are smaller or larger than usual. A lot of people overlook bloodshot eyes because this can happen when the eye muscles are overworked. Some people overlook small pupils in bright light and large pupils in dim light since pupil size changes under these conditions.

Poor grooming habits and physical appearance is another sign as most people with addiction issues stop worrying about their looks. Their bodies, breath, and clothes might even smell bad. This is more noticeable when they used to practice proper hygiene.

Another one of the signs of addiction is impaired coordination. People who abuse substances may also have slurred speech and experience tremors.

Mood and Personality Changes

Mood swings and changes in personality can be contributed to stress and growing up. When there’s a pattern with these, however, they are signs of addiction. This is because drugs change the chemistry and function of the brain.

Some of those addicted to a substance may go through emotional states in a matter of minutes. They can be happy, then sad and then angry. People who are usually outgoing and friendly could become quiet and reserved. They might also spiral into profound depression.

Sudden isolation happens normally for teens and young adults. However, it’s also a sign of addiction. Substance abusers tend to be secretive even if it means lying to their loved ones.

Risky Behavior

Along with the changes in personality are risky changes in how they act. Many people who become addicted do things that are out of character and risky. Some of these risky actions include having sex without protection, sharing needles and stealing to get alcohol or drugs. Even when their education, health or job is on the line, they keep using and getting into dangerous situations.

The Signs of Addiction May Include Weight Gain or Loss

When someone loses or gains weight for no apparent reason, there’s usually a problem. This issue could be a health condition but might also be one of the signs of addiction. Different drugs can cause decreases or increases in appetite.

Sudden weight loss or gain can have damaging effects on the body. This includes increasing the risk of breathing problems and heart complications. It can also cause stress on other internal organs, which may lead to additional health issues.

Get Help at Healing Springs Ranch

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