Psychodrama—A Powerful Experiential Group Therapy Process for Substance Use Recovery

Katrena Hart MS, LPC-S, CBT, ATA, CETT, TEP, a member of the Healing Springs Ranch “Board of Fellows”, began her training in Psychodrama in 1994 under the direction of Doctors Mort and Dorothy Satten.

After her training, she later went on to found Bridging Harts Psychodrama Training Institute & Psychotherapy, where she currently leads personal growth weekends utilizing psychodrama for professionals and lay people.  She also teaches psychodrama to many clinical agencies, universities, and students.  She is an international speaker and lecturer on the power and techniques of psychodrama.

Psychodrama Utilizes a Group Format

Psychodrama utilizes a group format, which encourages individuals to explore how group dynamics impact each person’s thoughts and actions. It is a hands-on technique that provides clients with insight into themselves and others.  This type of acting and role play allows participants to identify, understand, and express their emotions, through action and re-enactment.  It is a way to gain mastery over past traumatic experiences and support to peers as they do the same.  Both roles, whether primary or as a supportive cast, provides different perspectives of relationship to self and others- both critically important in healing and personal growth. It is an active therapy method that can improve self-confidence and self-reliance, enhancing how a client interacts with the world.

Katrena has personally selected and trained the psychodrama therapists who lead the psychodrama group at Healing Springs Ranch.  She has created a customized psychodrama process that releases and resolves the underlying pain/trauma that drive the self-defeating behaviors often seen in people who struggle with substance use disorders and mental health diagnoses.  This group experience allows people to learn how to better manage stress, improve communication, engage in social situations, and practice healthy coping mechanisms.

Healing Springs Ranch offers a complete lifestyle transformation for the most successful recovery. Call Healing Springs Ranch at 866-647-4606 to overcome these issues in a safe way.

If you are interested in learning more about psychodrama with Katrena Hart or would like to be a participant in one of her personal growth weekends, please visit her website. 



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