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Bridging the Gap Between Addiction, Mental Health And Trauma

Healing Springs Ranch empirically based, “Integrated Addiction Model” (I.AM) looks beneath the surface of all addictive patterns and mental health symptoms and identifies and address the underlying ROOT CAUSE of these behaviors. Whether a person struggles with alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, anxiety or is addicted to a process such as gambling, pornography, gaming, shopping etc., this model recognizes that all of these symptoms serve the same purpose – to avoid emotional pain. Past and present trauma and unresolved pain, in addition to low self-esteem and poor coping skills create the perfect combination that creates this desperate need to escape.   This ... Read more Features Healing Springs Ranch

12 Ways to Know If You Have an Addictive Personality TIOGA, TEXAS (PRWEB) February 6, 2018— features Rachel Graham, the Co-founder and President of Healing Springs Ranch an Internationally recognized adult residential treatment center in their January 2018 issue. The article “12 Ways to Know If You Have an Addictive Personality” showcases Healing Springs Ranch for their one of a kind empirically based, “Integrated Addiction Model” (I.AM), a customized treatment model that truly bridges the worlds of mental health, trauma, and addiction. In addition, this model addresses the whole person in all areas—physical, mental, occupational and spiritual. ‪“Studies show ... Read more

12 Ways to Know If You Have an Addictive Personality

Normal behavior can easily turn to addiction with some people. Here are the danger signs. Not everyone who has addictive tendencies is an addict. And yet people wonder about this all the time. Everyone has idiosyncrasies, small neuroses or vices that make them human. The difficulty is knowing when one of those little things needs your attention. Given the right set of circumstances, anyone can become an addict. It’s human nature to want to soothe both physical and emotional pain. Sometimes this is done through the legitimate use of medication, hobbies, therapy, exercise, or other healthy activities. But sometimes, these substances and behaviors can escalate to unhealthy ... Read more

Healing Springs Ranch Has Earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval®

An Honored Achievement Committing to Providing Safe and Effective Patient Care Healing Springs Ranch today announced that it has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Behavioral Health Care Certification. Since 1951, Joint Commission has been the national leader in setting standards for healthcare organizations. When a healthcare organization seeks accreditation, it demonstrates a commitment to giving safe, high-quality health care and to continue working to improve that care. Healing Springs Ranch underwent a rigorous on-site review and received The Gold Seal of Approval®, a symbol of quality that reflects Healing Springs Ranch commitment to providing safe and ... Read more

What Is Addiction?

People may ask the question, “what is addiction?” They may know the addiction definition, but they don’t really know what addiction entails or what to do about it. Having a better understanding of addiction can help them avoid it altogether. Understanding addiction also helps them better understand what people who suffer from addiction go through before they are ready to quit. What Is Addiction? Addiction is a disorder that occurs when individuals use certain substances or take part in specific pleasurable activities. While most people associate addiction with drug or alcohol use, other things can cause addiction, such as: Sex ... Read more

What Are the First Steps to Recovery?

For some people, just thinking about trying to overcome addiction frightens them. They usually feel this way because they don’t know where to begin. No matter what kind of addiction they suffer, there are a few steps to recovery that work for everyone. Understanding and following these steps can give them the push that they need to seek help. Taking the First Steps to Recovery No matter the kind of addiction that people have, making a change is one of their first steps to recovery. They have to see that their addiction creates problems in their lives. Once they finally ... Read more

How Many Treatments for Addiction Are There?

It can be challenging to overcome drug addiction. The best route is often to head to an addiction treatment facility that offers a wide range of treatment options. While there are various treatments for drug abuse available, these are some of the most common and the most effective. Trauma Therapy and Mental Health Support It is impossible to ignore the significant link between mental health and drug abuse. Many people addicted to drugs have a history of trauma or mental illness. Any quality facility offering treatments for drug abuse should include mental health support. Addressing trauma or mental illness means ... Read more

Is Drug Addiction Treatment Very Hard?

Overcoming a drug addiction requires extensive treatment. Trying to quit using drugs cold turkey is dangerous and often unsuccessful, which is why rehab is vital. Find out what it takes to make drug addiction treatment effective and successful for individuals ready for recovery. Whole-Person Approach Addiction is a complicated and complex disease. There is no instant fix for addiction, nor is there is a medication that can stop cravings. The only way to effectively combat drug addiction is with a whole-person approach. Addressing the entire person means taking into consideration physical and mental health and emotional stability. Some subpar treatment ... Read more

Will Drug Addiction Statistics Drag you to Rehab?

There is plenty of news about the opioid epidemic in America, and most people are well aware of the risks of drug addiction. However, few people realize the true scale of the situation. Take a closer look at these drug addiction statistics to see how big the problem really is, how challenging recovery can be, and what it takes to succeed in sobriety. 14 Million Americans Abuse Drugs Each Month Not everyone who abuses drugs has a drug addiction. However, there is no denying that many of them are on the track to a drug dependence. These 14 million Americans ... Read more

Where Can I Find Holistic Therapy for Addiction?

Holistic treatment is a form of healing that takes a whole-person approach. While standard treatments only consider body, emotions, and mind, holistic medicine includes spirit too. Therapists believe that when one of these elements doesn’t work properly, it affects the others. The primary goal of holistic therapy is to achieve optimal health and wellness by gaining balance in life. Holistic Medicine for Drug Addiction Experts have found that holistic treatments can be very helpful for people in addiction recovery. From detox to maintaining sobriety, it can improve mental and physical well-being and reduce stress. Studies demonstrate that rehab programs that ... Read more