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How Can I Help My Alcoholic Father?

A lot of adults have drinks during social outings or a glass of wine with dinner. However, people who exceed the occasional drink could suffer from alcoholism. This behavior is worrisome for many children across the United States. If you have an alcoholic father, there are ways that you can help him as well as yourself. How to Help Your Alcoholic Father Confrontation about alcohol addiction isn’t easy with a parent. Research shows that it can be counterproductive. In many cases, the parent becomes defensive. However, talking to your alcoholic father about the problem is the first step to helping ... Read more

Where Are the Best Rehab Centers in Texas?

Trying to find the best rehab centers in any state comes down to services and knowledge. People also want to enroll at centers that are compassionate when it comes to treating addiction. Of course, there are other things that people need to look for to find the best rehab centers in Texas. The Best Rehab Centers in Texas Focus on Healing To determine the best rehab centers in Texas, the most important thing to consider is treatment protocols. Many treatment centers focus almost entirely on the amenities they provide. While it’s nice to have upscale amenities, rehab isn’t a resort ... Read more

What is Trauma?

Exposure to trauma and substance abuse often accompany each other. Traumatic experiences can lead an individual to self-medicate in order to forget the experience or calm their nerves, guilt, and agitation. Let’s explore the question, what is trauma, and examine what you can do for yourself if you’ve had a traumatic experience and are now struggling with substance abuse. What Is Trauma? We answer the question, “what is trauma?” with this definition–severely distressing situations or events constitute “traumatic events.” Some situations or events are isolated and last for just a few moments or several days. But traumatic situations can also ... Read more

Traits of an Addictive Personality

Have you ever wondered why some people can drink socially while others become alcoholics? Maybe you struggle with drug addiction although your friends seem to use recreationally and are able to stop when they want. Once you understand what an addictive personality is, you’ll be in a better position to beat whatever your addictions are. Traits of an Addictive Personality Some people are predisposed to developing an addiction due to their personality or behavior. Typical addictive personality traits include: Impulsiveness Narcissism Aggressiveness Disagreeableness Negative outlook People who don’t handle stress in productive ways — such as choosing to listen to ... Read more

Peculiar Addictive Behaviors

If you suspect that someone close to you may be abusing drugs or alcohol, you’re probably watching their behaviors closely. You are likely wondering which of their behaviors are normal and which are addictive behaviors. After all, it could just be that you’re being paranoid, right? Or Do You Need to Take Action? First, it’s important to acknowledge that these questions spinning around your head are completely normal. Just the fact that you are concerned about this person in your life is good. You’re doing the right thing by being aware. But you also need to separate fact from fiction. ... Read more

Am I Going Through Marijuana Withdrawal?

You use marijuana regularly or you might even use it daily. What happens if you decide to stop using this drug? Whether you stop smoking marijuana because your job drug tests and you’re afraid of losing your employment or you simply wish to live a drug-free life, how will you know if you’re experiencing marijuana withdrawal? You might feel that since the marijuana plant grows in nature, how bad can it be? The truth is, you can become addicted to any drug, whether it’s prescription, natural or illegal. The consequences of usage range from mild to severe. Many employers frown ... Read more

What are Process Addictions?

Sex, gambling, collecting, and shopping are activities you might pursue for recreational purposes. But what happens when you develop an obsession related to the process of these activities? Suddenly, your life revolves around setting up the next sexual encounter or making the big win at the table. These patterns turn regular activities into process addictions that need treatment. Understanding the Insidious Nature of Process Addictions Unlike a substance abuse problem, process addictions are harder to pinpoint. Sure, it’s easy to say that someone has a problem with gambling if she or he bets the mortgage money. But what about hobbies, ... Read more

I’m Scared About a Drug Overdose

Do you live in fear for yours or a loved one’s life? If there are drugs involved, the possibility of a drug overdose is never too far off. This option increases to a likelihood when you take illicit drugs that may contain unknown strengths and chemicals. But there’s a way out. Drug Overdose Statistics Paint a Grim Picture The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal a recent quadrupling of heroin-related overdose deaths. These fatalities and their related overdoses have several components in common. For starters, the drug’s seen an upswing in popularity, particularly because prescription pain pill users make ... Read more

How the Psychotherapy Definition is Connected to Addiction Treatment

The standard psychotherapy definition is talk therapy. It refers to the practice of treating mental health conditions via behavioral modifications based on discussions. Not surprisingly, it’s a perfect modality for use in a drug rehab facility. But did you know that it also works well for treating process addictions? What Happens During Talk Therapy? There are many schools of thought that govern the various approaches to a psychotherapy definition. Case in point is the Freudian method that focuses primarily on interpreting information. Other methods use the information to engage in agreeable behavioral modification. Within the treatment of addictions, a psychotherapy ... Read more

Alcohol Makes Depression and Anxiety Much Worse

In many cases, people have a drink or two to overcome depression and anxiety. A stressful job, a relationship breakup, or personal disappointments are common reasons for drinking. But something happens along the way, and the temporary problem with its quick solution becomes a permanent fixture in life. It’s at this juncture that an alcohol use disorder establishes itself and makes depression or anxiety much worse. Recognizing Anxiety and Its Initial Response to Alcohol The drink to calm nerves, take the edge off the day, or help unwind from stress is a familiar fixture. It suggests that alcohol can somehow ... Read more