Mindset: Substance Use Disorder and Compulsive Behavior

Initially, a substance use disorder may be a way to numb feelings around trauma or abuse. At some point, however, the mindset and the motivation changes around addiction and becomes more about compulsive behavior than trauma or abuse. The trauma once buried by the substance use becomes an obsessive behavior that ultimately interferes with relationships and threatens to overtake lives.

Substance use becomes a behavior that breeds dependency on our altered mental state, which is perceived as satisfying our inner desires and drives. It becomes a behavior that offers an illusion of security and control however it is a threat to our well-being.

The mindset and compulsive behavior of a substance use disorder overshadow the priorities, commitments, and responsibilities to us, our families, colleagues, and friends.

Compulsive substance use behaviors and habits become a way to further cope with the lack of self-confidence, self-esteem as well as overwhelming anxiety and stress. Compulsive behaviors and habits provide a false sense of control, redirecting the attention away from the real problems.

For effective treatment of a substance use disorder, the first focus must be on the function of addiction as opposed to the secondary compulsive behavior. This means that the function of the addictive cycle is identified and addressed including any mental health symptoms resulting from trauma and abuse.

Healing Springs Ranch (HSR) provides a truly “Integrated Addiction Model” which focuses on the “function” of the addiction as opposed to the “behavior”. This means that we identify and addresses the underlying “function” of ALL addictive cycles including those patterns seen in most mental health symptoms and diagnoses. Whether a person struggles with alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, anxiety or is addicted to a process such as gambling, pornography, gaming, shopping, etc., our model recognizes that these symptoms all serve the same purpose-to-avoid and medicate the pain. This unresolved pain and/or trauma, in addition to low self-esteem and poor coping skills, create the perfect combination for a desperate need to escape.

At Healing Springs Ranch, we want you to experience holistic recovery. Our team will place an emphasis on getting to the underlying issues that led you to addiction in the first place. We will work with you to understand the “why” behind your addiction to help you overcome it. Contact Healing Springs Ranch and start your recovery journey today.