Am I Going Through Marijuana Withdrawal?

Man on step with hands over head suffering marijuana withdrawalYou use marijuana regularly or you might even use it daily. What happens if you decide to stop using this drug? Whether you stop smoking marijuana because your job drug tests and you’re afraid of losing your employment or you simply wish to live a drug-free life, how will you know if you’re experiencing marijuana withdrawal?

You might feel that since the marijuana plant grows in nature, how bad can it be? The truth is, you can become addicted to any drug, whether it’s prescription, natural or illegal. The consequences of usage range from mild to severe. Many employers frown on the use of drugs, no matter what they are, and routinely drug test. Plus, not all states recognize legal marijuana usage, so you could lose your job or wind up in jail if you use marijuana.

What Marijuana Withdrawal Feels Like

The longer a person uses a drug and the more of the drug he or she takes, the more severe the withdrawal symptoms will be. Typically, signs of marijuana withdrawal include:

  • Headache
  • Loss of focus
  • Irritability
  • Cravings
  • Troubled sleep/insomnia
  • Anxiety

It can be extremely difficult to tackle addiction on your own. Trying to stop cold turkey can be very uncomfortable and in some cases, dangerous. Once you stop your regular use of marijuana, expect your second and third days of withdrawal to be the worst. You may suffer chills and sweat profusely while the drug slowly ebbs out of your system. Due to this discomfort, it’s not surprising to see that many people can’t stop using on their own.

However, when you’re ready to break free of a marijuana addiction, there’s help waiting for you.

Recover at Healing Springs Ranch

Nestled in the quiet town of Tioga, we’re still close enough to Dallas, Fort Worth and the Oklahoma border to make us an attractive option for people in those vicinities who need our help.

We know you’re an individual which is why our approach is to work diligently to uncover the “why” behind your specific addictions. Once we figure out your unique issues tied to addiction, we can see what motivates you and tailor a treatment plan that addresses your needs. Our highly trained staff members will guide you through marijuana withdrawal and assist you in kicking the habit for good.

Our facility provides:

We also offer a host of amenities such as golfing, fishing, volleyball, and yoga. Our “whole person” approach will address your body and mind during the recovery process.

Don’t let addiction control you anymore. The right rehab facility can help you overcome your addiction and beat it for good. Call us at Healing Springs Ranch, and we’ll walk with you on the road to recovery. Dial 866-656-8384.

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