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12 Ways to Know If You Have an Addictive Personality

TIOGA, TEXAS (PRWEB) February 6, 2018— features Rachel Graham, the Co-founder and President of Healing Springs Ranch an Internationally recognized adult residential treatment center in their January 2018 issue. The article “12 Ways to Know If You Have an Addictive Personality” showcases Healing Springs Ranch for their one of a kind empirically based, “Integrated Addiction Model” (I.AM), a customized treatment model that truly bridges the worlds of mental health, trauma, and addiction. In addition, this model addresses the whole person in all areas—physical, mental, occupational and spiritual.

‪“Studies show that a person’s coping behavior can at times, develop into debilitating addictions; ultimately destroying opportunities, families, and businesses,” said Rachel Graham, President. “The I.AM model looks beneath the surface of all addictive patterns and mental health symptoms and identifies and addresses the underlying root cause of these behaviors.”‬‬

‬‪Once the root cause is addressed and resolved, the person no longer needs the analgesic effect of the addictive behaviors. Although this is a simple explanation, dealing with unresolved pain and learning new emotional coping skills requires support and time.‬ ‬‬

‪Healing Springs Ranch strives to set new industry standards by offering better psychometrics to provide a more comprehensive analysis and a better understanding of treatment efficacy. Our research results have proven that our model is highly effective in addressing the underlay symptoms that drive addictive behavior. In conclusion, the I.AM model offers a complete lifestyle transformation for the most successful recovery.‬ ‪‬‬‬‬

About Healing Springs Ranch
Healing Springs Ranch is an Internationally recognized residential treatment center for adults recovering from substance use disorder and other related mental health issues. Tucked away on 50 acres of beautiful and serene lakefront property north of the Dallas metroplex. Healing Springs Ranch enhances the lives of those touched by addiction and related mental health issues through high-quality, innovative and customized client care solutions designed to improve treatment outcomes.

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