Can I Use My Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment?

Using Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Can I Use My Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment?

According to the Affordable Care Act, health insurance for addiction treatment must be included in insurance plans. Passed in 2014, this law requires any health insurance sold on the Health Insurance Exchanges to include services for substance abuse disorders. While each insurer offers a different level of coverage, there must be some level of insurance for addiction treatment provided.  

In these more enlightened times, insurance companies have figured out that addictions are entirely treatable. As a medical condition, addictions are covered by many providers. Insurance companies know that a healthy customer doesn’t cost them as much money as an addicted individual does. Behavioral programs and substance abuse rehab are covered because it’s more economical to counteract long-term abuse than treat the medical conditions that develop later on from an addiction.

Public Insurance for Addiction

If you don’t have health insurance through your work, you may be able to get public insurance. Since substance abuse is a national problem, many treatment centers are partially or entirely subsidized by some branch of the government. They may be able to offer clients a discount depending on the client’s income and condition.

When insurance coverage isn’t possible, the rehab center may be able to help. Some rehab centers accept payment installments instead of lump sum payments. By doing this, patients can pay for rehab over the course of several months instead of all at once.

Private Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Private insurance is often more expensive than public insurance options, but it offers a much wider array of services. Often, private insurance will include specialized coverage for alcohol or drug treatment. Private insurance will normally cover a larger portion of the treatment cost and provide numerous rehab options.

Choosing a Rehab Center

Once you have figured out which rehab centers are covered by your insurance, you can start moving along the road of recovery. Often, individuals choose an inpatient treatment center for their substance abuse problems. An inpatient center offers a heightened level of care, additional amenities and continuous monitoring. Since you live at the center, it is usually impossible to relapse while you are in the program.

When looking for a treatment center, you should find one that offers a holistic approach. Many addicted individuals have co-occurring disorders that need to be treated as well. In many cases, patients don’t realize that they even have these disorders. Depression, bipolar disorder and other mental conditions are often self-medicated with drugs or alcohol. To end an addiction, patients have to receive holistic treatment for all of their mental, social and physical problems.

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