Healing Springs Ranch Partners with Culinary Services Group to Enhance Their Nutritional Holistic and Educational Wellness Program

A shared vision of supporting recovery through a food-first approach to health and wellness

TIOGA, Texas, December 1, 2020, /PRNewswire/ — Tioga, TX – Internationally recognized residential treatment center Healing Springs Ranch (HSR) is partnering with Culinary Services Group (CSG), a wellness-focused food service provider. HSR treats adults recovering from addictions, substance abuse, and other related mental health issues through a holistic approach that includes a Nutritional Wellness Program.

Rachel H. Graham, CEO, and Co-founder of Healing Springs Ranch and Rich Valway III President and CEO of Culinary Services Group, believe their companies have a shared vision of supporting recovery through a food-first approach to health and wellness. Each believes food can be used to support healing alongside traditional treatment methods.

HSR believes that nutritional education for its clients is imperative in their path to recovery. Through this partnership, the center will gain access to a large network of dieticians, training resources, and added support. CSG’s Chef Corey Warnsley believes that nutrition and exercise are valuable tools both during and after the recovery process because they support digestive health, balanced hormones, healthy brain function, and insulin regulation which are all key factors in well-being.

“By providing our clients with an enhanced specialized nutrition program as part of their recovery, we continue to add value to their treatment plan,” said Rachel H. Graham. “The added value of tracking each meal to meet core nutrition parameters, and eating the right balance of nutrients will help clients feel better faster, both emotionally and physically.”

Culinary Services Group will build custom menus that support the Nutritional Wellness Program’s goals of organic, healthy dining. These menus will focus on locally sourced food by building relationships with local farmers markets and produce vendors. Using specialized software, CSG will be able to track and ensure each meal meets core nutrition parameters to support recovery. Menus will be analyzed daily to include the right balance of both macro and micronutrients to provide balanced nutritional support to clients throughout treatment. Studies have shown that those in addiction recovery often lack key nutrients such as zinc, B vitamins, and protein. These nutrients have been found to support serotonin and dopamine production.

“Healing Springs wanted to enhance their holistic approach and educational messages regarding the importance of eating high-quality food and using healthy recipes for their clients,” said Scott Alme, VP of Business Development. “Top Nosh is able to bring them a level of support and resources they didn’t have previously.”

About Healing Springs Ranch
Tucked away on 80 acres of beautiful and serene lakefront property north of the Dallas Metroplex, HSR offers a truly Integrated Addictions Model, which addresses the underlying issues and unresolved trauma behind most, if not all, self-defeating addictive patterns and co-occurring symptoms and diagnoses.  As an industry leader, HSR is actively involved in conducting on-going research and publication. HSR’s mission is to provide more integrated treatment by offering innovative and cutting-edge therapeutic modalities. HSR currently offers ETT ® (Emotional Transformation Therapy), Trauma Model Therapy, and the BALM ® (Be A Loving Mirror) family recovery program.  Through research, education, and quality services, HSR strives to raise the bar for best practice standards, matching the advances in science and technology to address this national epidemic in both the mental health and addiction fields.

Life Works Wellness (LWW) is a sister company to Healing Springs Ranch and a part of Elevate Global Partners’ family of wellness companies.  LWW is a new company focused on helping individuals with life balance, optimal performance, purpose, healthy communication skills, and general personal growth. 

About Culinary Services Group

Culinary Services Group is a food service company on a mission to transform healthcare dining services. CSG believes that senior living, residential treatment centers and community hospitals should have access to high-quality, restaurant style food at an affordable cost. Today, the company prides itself on using fresh, locally sourced food and crafting custom menus that are tailored to each community they serve through resident feedback, regional preferences, and health and nutritional needs. CSG partnerships include a network of dietitian support, culinary education, and employee training resources. The company is dedicated to operating safe, clean kitchens that meet and exceed the CMS guidelines. Follow the latest news and resources from Culinary Services Group on their company blog.

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