Therapeutic Benefits of Equine Rehab Therapy in TX

Benefits of Equine Rehab Therapy in TX for Drugs and Alcohol

Therapeutic Benefits of Equine Rehab Therapy in TX

Texas may be known as cowboy country, but horses can do a lot more than just corral cattle. Equine rehab therapy in TX can be incredibly effective in the treatment of addiction. Learn more about the various benefits of equine rehab therapy in TX, as well as how to pick a rehab center that offers equine therapy to patients.

Tending the Needs of the Horse as a Daily Routine

One of the most interesting advantages of equine therapy in rehab settings is the creation of a daily routine. Horses require a lot of care, and there’s plenty to be done long before you mount up. Some of the daily tasks that patients may be expected to do, and which play a vital part in structuring the day in rehab, can include the following:

  • Cleaning and conditioning the saddle
  • Cleaning out the hooves
  • Grooming
  • Feeding and watering
  • Bathing the horse
  • Exercising the horse

Therapeutic Benefits of Equine Rehab Therapy in TX

Many individuals who struggle with drug or alcohol addictions have trauma in their past. Equine therapy is one effective way to deal with trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder in a way that can help target the root of addiction. Horses, along with many other animals, have the ability to soothe humans, helping to lower heart rates, decrease blood pressure and reduce stress, which is instrumental in the fight toward lasting sobriety.

Learning New Skills Improves Confidence and Self Worth

Most individuals who begin equine rehab therapy in TX have no horse or riding skills, which is actually a good thing. As a result, they will be learning a wide variety of new things through the equine therapy. All of these skills can contribute to a greater feeling of confidence, which is a primary goal in rehab. Improving self-worth can be instrumental in reducing the likelihood of depression or relapse.

Receive Unconditional Love and Develop a Relationship

Part of the overwhelming success of equine rehab therapy in TX has to do with the formation of a relationship between horse and patient. Individuals participating in equine therapy will learn to provide the necessary care to a living animal, which teaches them about responsibility and caring for loved ones.

The horses, too, play an instrumental role in this relationship. When individuals feed and groom them, horses begin to show familiarity and affection. For many patients struggling with addiction and in rehab, this love can be integral in feeling capable of relationships.

Along with other effective modes of therapy and treatment, Healing Springs Ranch in Texas offers equine therapy to rehab patients. Call 866-656-8384 for more on equine rehab therapy and whether it could be key to your sobriety and rehabilitation.


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