Not All Drug Rehabilitation Centers Are Created Equal

Good Drug Rehabilitation Centers Will Help Her Make A Good Choice for RehabWhile there are many drug rehabilitation centers available, very few of them offer the exact same services, treatments, and amenities. When searching for a rehab center, patients have to find a facility that suits their needs. Each person is different, so the treatment center must be just as unique. Out of the thousands of drug rehabilitation centers in the United States, patients have to find the center that suits their addiction, including any co-occurring disorders or trauma issues.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers Are Not a “Cure All”

Some treatment centers advertise that they can cure any addiction, mental disorder or physical ailment. In reality, every center offers a different atmosphere and treatment process. Patients with a history of childhood trauma may need a trauma-based center. Meanwhile, patients with severe addiction may need treatment centers with 90-day programs or longer.

At certain centers, like Healing Springs Ranch, patients can find options like:

The exact treatment option individuals choose should depend on their addiction. Depending on the individual’s current responsibilities, treatment needs, and addiction, they may want to choose an inpatient or an outpatient program.

What Is an Inpatient Treatment Center?

At an inpatient facility, residents remain at the location 24 hours a day. This prevents a relapse because it is impossible to access drugs or alcohol. While the facility prevents the patient from relapsing, it also helps them learn about addictions and how to manage triggers. Inpatient treatment is often chosen by patients who need in-depth, focused care.

Inpatient treatment can last from 30 days to several months. At drug rehabilitation centers, patients will talk with an addiction specialist to decide the treatment option that is right for them. While longer treatment provides more in-depth care and recovery, it is not always possible for busy professionals who have other responsibilities.

Getting Counseling and Support

An important component of every treatment process is counseling. Addictions are complex, and it takes time to address and work through them. Counseling, group support and addiction education help patients to learn about the recovery process. Often, these programs are designed to support dual diagnosis treatment.

The best drug rehabilitation centers use a holistic approach. They look at the whole person instead of just an addiction. For many patients, past events, trauma, mental disorders, family relationships, and other problems fuel the addiction. By using a holistic approach, the center treats the root cause of the addiction as well.

At Healing Springs Ranch, patients are treated while a “whole-person” approach to addiction. They use the Integrated Addiction Model, a Trauma Model, and 12-step principles to treat addictions. In this caring environment, the trauma-based team helps to find the core cause of the addiction.

Another way of healing the whole person is using outdoor activities and therapies to engage individuals in pursuits other than drugs. This holistic approach and addiction education provided by Healing Springs Ranch heals individuals and lessens the chance of relapse. Let us help you start your new, whole life. Call us at 866-656-8384 to begin the journey.

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