Bridging the Gap Between Addiction, Mental Health And Trauma

Healing Springs Ranch empirically based, “Integrated Addiction Model” (I.AM) looks beneath the surface of all addictive patterns and mental health symptoms and identifies and address the underlying ROOT CAUSE of these behaviors.

Whether a person struggles with alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, anxiety or is addicted to a process such as gambling, pornography, gaming, shopping etc., this model recognizes that all of these symptoms serve the same purpose – to avoid emotional pain. Past and present trauma and unresolved pain, in addition to low self-esteem and poor coping skills create the perfect combination that creates this desperate need to escape.   This model allows for a truly integrated treatment approach which simultaneously addresses every addictive pattern and related mental health symptoms all during one stay.

To validate the efficacy of our “Integrated Addiction Model” our research PROVES that Healing Springs Ranch treatment is working. There are no better research-based results in the mental health industry.  We will continue to follow our residents post-discharge, to see how successful they are at maintaining and reducing the duration and frequency of relapse.  We plan to present our evidence-based treatment results at conferences and publish our research results in professional journals.

Healing Springs Ranch strives to set a new industry standard by offering better psychometrics to provide a more comprehensive analysis of treatment efficacy. Our goal is to address, reduce and measure the underlying mental health symptoms that drive addictive patterns and co-occurring mental health diagnoses. With that in mind, all Healing Springs Ranch clients are given pre and post-treatment assessments measuring depression, anxiety, dissociation, and post-traumatic stress symptoms, before and after their treatment stay with us. The results have been unprecedented and have proven that we are greatly reducing peoples reported depressive, anxiety, and post-traumatic symptoms while addressing their dissociative symptoms.

Healing Springs Ranch offers a complete lifestyle transformation for the most successful recovery.  Call Healing Springs Ranch at 866-656-8384 to overcome these issues in a safe way.



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