You Need Behavioral Therapy During Addiction Treatment

Trying to figure out which addiction treatment programs you need to enter can be incredibly difficult. If you enter programs that won’t help you heal your body, mind, and spirit completely, you’re putting yourself at risk for relapse and continued drug or alcohol abuse. While a mixture of programs is necessary during treatment, behavioral therapy plays a very significant role for many people during their addiction recovery process. The lessons learned through these various therapies can even act as the foundation for the healthy habits needed to maintain sobriety long after addiction treatment is completed.

Why Behavioral Therapy Will Help You During Addiction Treatment

Two woman involved in behavioral therapy at recovery center

Many people who struggle with addiction started with and developed addictive behaviors over time. These mental and physical habits make it incredibly difficult for people to move past their addiction. The behaviors can be altered, but that necessary change will take time and can rarely be done alone. That’s where behavioral therapy can help.

Through behavioral therapy, patients are able to alter how they think about addiction, develop healthy coping skills, and change the addictive habits they’ve developed since they started their drug or alcohol use. By learning about and adjusting their behaviors, patients are able to cope with life stresses and environmental signals that would normally cause them to turn towards substance abuse.

Behavioral therapy can also provide patients with therapeutic incentives to stay sober. Because addiction treatment can take time, cravings can arise before a patient has learned how to properly cope with them. Incentives can help them stay in addiction treatment, no matter how bad the cravings become. In a whole person approach to healing, patients are able to choose the incentives that will drive them towards their sobriety in times where the recovery process becomes challenging.

In some cases, patients become a part of a therapeutic network through behavioral therapies. While going through the healing process and learning to rely on others, they’re able to speak to and assist their peers along the way. The similar struggles, stories and communal learning experience give patients the opportunity to build healthy relationships and identify when they need others to help them through whatever struggles they may be facing. At Healing Springs Ranch, we rely on group support to foster a sober camaraderie that may actually have fun together.

The Different Types Of Behavioral Therapy Programs

There is no one behavioral therapy program that works for everyone. That’s because people start addictive habits, maintain those habits, and decide to go through addiction treatment for many different reasons. Their behaviors, their experiences, and their motivations will alter what programs will work for them. Some very common therapy programs you may see during addiction treatment include:

While some of these programs can work well for some clients, other clients may not find them as helpful. People who struggle with addiction and a mental illness, for instance, may be able to find help their best assistance with a psychologist through a psychotherapy program. With this program, they’re able to identify, talk through, and cope with the symptoms involved with the mental illness that they’re struggling with. Clients who aren’t struggling with any mental illness may not need a psychology-based behavioral program but do better with equine therapy, both of which are offered at Healing Springs Ranch.

Therapy and Residential Treatment

Those participating in a residential treatment program are likely going to go through a mix of behavioral therapies. Enrolling in a variety of programs helps patients understand different addictive behaviors and how different experiences can help them learn coping mechanisms for the future. While the mix of programs can be beneficial, the wrong mix can be overwhelming and lead patients to drop out. Finding the right behavioral programs is crucial to the success of addiction treatment. The compassionate experts at Healing Springs Ranch are good at assessing what programs might motivate a specific client.

It can be hard to know what behavioral therapies will be beneficial for you, especially if you’ve never gone through therapy, counseling or addiction treatment before. Treatment centers that focus on providing individualized care will be able to assess where your addiction stemmed from and direct you towards the treatment programs that will really help you move towards sobriety. These centers usually have flexible programs as well, which means that you’ll be provided with one-of-a-kind care that will target your specific addictive behaviors and allow you to learn the coping skills that will actually keep you sober in the long term.

Behavioral Therapy Alone Won’t Be Enough For You To Recover From Addiction

Behavioral therapy can be incredibly beneficial for you during addiction recovery. Even multiple behavioral therapies may not provide you with the full healing experience that you need, though. Clients often need to enroll in several different types of treatment programs in order to get the full bio-psycho-social healing that’s required in order for them to maintain lasting sobriety. If there’s a lack of balance in their addiction treatment, that will likely show when they’re trying to maintain their sobriety later on.

Through addiction treatment, patients need to learn how to take care of themselves both mentally and physically. Though behavioral therapy can change their attitudes and actions, it may not always provide them with some of the self-care lessons they need. Physical therapy, workout programs, and healthy eating services can help patients learn the importance of bodily care and how that plays into both their recovery and their lasting sobriety.

Recreational and Experiential Therapies

Recreational programs such as outdoor activities, art therapy, and sports can give patients learning experiences. It may also provide some much-needed venting and relaxation. To some, behavioral programs can be stressful experiences with plenty of strain and anxiety. These holistic programs give patients a chance to channel their frustrations and vision into something creative and relaxing. It’s also a good chance for them to casually talk to their peers and allow their relationships in their therapeutic network to grow in a fun, light environment.

Healing Springs Ranch can provide you with all of the individualized programs you’ll need during your recovery. We understand that you are unique. That’s why we’ll take the time to assess who you are and how your addiction started. We’ll offer programs that will be best for you during your treatment. Along with our behavioral therapies, you’ll have a chance to enroll in a number of holistic and recreational programs, including:

The combination of behavioral, wellness, and experiential programs Healing Springs Ranch offers can help you start your journey to sobriety. You don’t have to keep living with your addiction. Call Healing Springs Ranch today at 866-656-8384 and start your sober journey with us.

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