Alcoholic Father

How Can I Help My Father with His Drinking?

Talking to an alcoholic father about how to get help.A lot of adults have drinks during social outings or a glass of wine with dinner. However, people who exceed the occasional drink could suffer from alcoholism. This behavior is worrisome for many children across the United States. If you have an alcoholic father, there are ways that you can help him as well as yourself.

How to Help Your Father

Confrontation about alcohol addiction isn’t easy with a parent. Research shows that it can be counterproductive. In many cases, the parent becomes defensive. However, talking to your alcoholic father about the problem is the first step to helping him.

Before you start the conversation, keep in mind that you need to speak with a non-judgmental, non-threatening tone. Remind yourself of his better qualities so that you don’t lose sight of the goal. Also, take the time to educate yourself about alcoholism to get an idea of what your father experiences. You might even look at some rehab programs so that you can provide suggestions later.

Next, only talk to your dad about his drinking problem when he’s sober. Make sure that your tone is gentle, kind and sympathetic. You should show genuine concern about his health to avoid a negative response.

If your dad has previously tried to quit drinking, he knows that he has a problem and wants to recover. This acknowledgment is a good start. When he shows an interest in getting help, you can suggest treatment options.

If you get a negative response during your conversation, do your best to keep cool to avoid pushing him away. At this point, you should consider getting help from other family members and close, trusted friends. An intervention may even be necessary to really demonstrate the effects that your father’s drinking has on others.

Be Supportive During Treatment

Deciding to enter a rehab program isn’t easy because it’s a long process with several steps. It’s a brave and courageous choice. For this reason, you need to give your dad the right kind of support.

Use encouraging and loving statements to boost his confidence in becoming sober. Look at different programs together and offer to go to 12-step program meetings and therapy with him.

How to Help Yourself

Helping your alcoholic father also involves taking care of yourself. Attend Alateen or Al-Anon meetings for support. These support groups allow the participants to share their experiences. Your peers can help you learn healthy strategies to cope with your dad’s drinking.

It also helps to be aware of how your father’s drinking affects you. Try to identify emotions such as resentment or anger. Writing them down or talking about them with a close friend can keep you from burying the problem. Don’t pretend that your dad’s drinking is fine when it’s not.

Get Addiction Help for Your Parent

Alcoholism affects everyone in a family, especially when a parent has the addiction. However, while the parent is in treatment, the whole family can get help. At Healing Springs Ranch, we offer a family program that includes everyone the addiction effects. Our personalized, whole-person approach uses a range of treatment services, including:

Don’t let your father’s alcohol addiction ruin your family. He can overcome the disease with our help. Call Healing Springs Ranch now at 866-656-8384 to learn more about our programs and how we can help you and your family.

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