Achieving Health and Wellness through your Recovery from Substance Use Disorder

People with substance use disorders in recovery need support to successfully manage their conditions and achieve wellness in their lives. Wellness is often taken for granted. It is important to create wellness habits as tools to be used to successfully obtain and maintain sobriety.

Recovery is where people improve their health and wellness, become self-directed, and work towards accomplishing their best lives. Below are four wellness habits to positively support your recovery:

  • Manage a healthy lifestyle, make informed and healthy choices that support physical and emotional wellness.
  • Maintain a stable and safe place to live.
  • Create meaningful daily habits that inspire independence, income, and social participation.
  • Develop relationships and social networks that provide support friendship, love, and your wellbeing.

The possibility of a better life is the foundation of recovery. Recovery is a personal journey, characterized by continued growth and progress towards optimal health and wellness.

Wellness in recovery is supported through relationships and social networks. Resilience in recovery is essential to overcome obstacles along the journey and in life as you work towards your health and well-being.

Successful recovery support is different for everyone. What works for one, may not work for someone else.  Often successful recovery requires mental health and substance use services to be responsive and respectful of individual health needs. 

Healing Springs Ranch offers a unique and tailored program created for every individual where heavy emphasis is placed on our core curriculum, which includes:

Mental and substance use disorder recovery programs that partner with family and community support systems, successfully foster health, wellness, and resilience. A strong support system increases the probability of stable housing and reduces barriers to employment, education, and community.

If you’re seeking treatment for a loved one, our family program recognizes that addiction doesn’t only affect the person struggling with substance abuse. It also affects those around him or her.  Our Texas rehab center has caring and compassionate staff members who work with you and your family to encourage and heal. We’ll work together to balance your physical and mental states because we understand the importance of wellness.

There’s a new person within you just waiting to get out of the prison of substance use. Call Healing Springs Ranch today.