Happy girl in field after her addiction recovery in Texas.Among those who struggle with addiction in Texas and around the US, alcohol, heroin, ecstasy, and meth are the most commonly used drugs. Thousands of people get treatment in the state every year with the goal to achieve addiction recovery. Before seeking treatment, it’s helpful to understand what true recovery means.

What Addiction Recovery Means

Health groups define alcohol and drug addiction recovery as a process through which people change to achieve abstinence. These changes improve health and wellness as well as the quality of life. Addiction recovery encompasses the benefits of mental, physical and social health after getting help for drug or alcohol use.

People know that they’re recovering when they can address problems as they arise without stressing out or using drugs to deal with them. They can also be completely honest with at least one person and can separate their own problems from others. They take time to restore their emotional and physical energy as well.

How to Find the Right Treatment in Texas

Numerous rehab centers have locations across Texas. The many types range from short-term centers to long-term and luxury facilities. Whether or not you’re a state resident, there’s a facility that can meet your needs and help you overcome addiction. However, finding the right center for you might seem like an overwhelming task.

To begin the search, consider the type of treatment you need. Factors to keep in mind include the drug to which you have an addiction and existing physical or mental health problems. The services available and your budget also play a role in how you find treatment.


Your first consideration is the type of treatment you need. Inpatient care is the most successful route to recovery because it removes you from any drug triggers or influences. It allows you to focus completely on healing. You receive around-the-clock care and comprehensive therapy. In addition, inpatient programs usually provide a variety of health and wellness services.

Outpatient care is different because you don’t live at the facility and have the freedom to work or go to school. Since you don’t get around-the-clock care, however, you’re more susceptible to relapse. For these reasons, outpatient treatment is more suitable as the second step of recovery. Despite that, it could be a successful initial treatment if you have a mild drug problem.

Aside from inpatient and outpatient programs, some rehab centers offer specialized care. These places specialize in treating specific drug addictions or a specific demographic. For instance, they could focus on co-occurring mental disorders, teens or a specific gender.

Essential Services

There are a few addiction treatment services that are essential to successful recovery. One of these is dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders. This service treats your addiction and mental illness at the same time. Not doing so leaves you vulnerable to relapse.

Another essential service is a comprehensive therapy. Relapse is practically imminent if you detox but don’t get addiction counseling. The sessions are where you address the cause of your addiction and learn to function without drugs. Therapists teach you skills to cope with cravings and avoid triggers as well as give you emotional and physical support.

Aftercare is also essential to successful recovery because there’s no cure for addiction. This disease is chronic, so you have to manage it for the rest of your life. Although it gets easier with time, aftercare continues to provide the support you need through the rough patches. Many rehab centers offer aftercare services and provide referrals for support groups.


Paying for treatment is one of the most common aspects of addiction treatment that people worry about. Insurance companies provide help by paying for part or all of certain programs or services. You should review your policy or contact your insurer for details about what they’ll cover for your treatment.

If you don’t have insurance, many rehab centers offer financing options. Most of the time, these options are available through third parties. Some places do the financing themselves or team up with local businesses to help people get addiction care.

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