Paula Heller Garland

Clinical Consultant, MS, LCDC

Paula, as a Clinical Consultant, provides counseling and administration services and has been an addiction professional since 1993. Her work as a clinician has included counseling and administration in a myriad of settings and populations: residential, in-prison, outpatient, with women, those with HIV, and criminal justice.

As immediate past president of the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP), Paula’s main focus has been on advocacy, growing membership that includes more students and interns, and bridging the gap between prevention, treatment, and recovery.

She is a Senior Lecturer at The University of North Texas in the Department of Disability and Addiction Rehabilitation where she values the opportunity to mentor our future counselors. At UNT Paula serves as the Coordinator of the Addiction Program, Clinical Advisor of the Collegiate Recovery Program, and Faculty Sponsor to students in Eagle Peer Recovery Organization.

Paula enjoys conducting workshops for other helping professionals, traveling, writing, and spending time with her teenage son.