Many people in the United States today suffer with an addiction. If you have a substance abuse problem, you are not alone. The keys to breaking through your addiction to freedom from drugs or alcohol lie in addiction counseling. Only a solid foundation of help, support and learning can assure you of a life without addiction.

Why Addiction Counseling Is the Foundation for Sobriety

Two Men Engaging in Addiction Counseling Over Desk.

A wide variety of counseling methods grouped under the single term of “addiction counseling” help those addicted get through the quagmire of addiction. Addiction counseling therapies are conducted individually or in a group. Many people are hesitant to go to counseling or engage in group therapy sessions at first. But soon even the most hesitant realize that addiction counseling is both helpful and eye-opening.

According to experts, counseling addresses the symptoms of addiction, as well as the core causes of substance abuse addictions. Therapies also tackle problems resulting from the addiction, helping individuals to clean up their lives. Through the process of therapy, patients learn:

  • More about themselves
  • Why they started abusing drugs or alcohol
  • How to change their behaviors
  • How to use the 12 steps
  • Tools they can use for recovery
  • How to engage with others in healthier ways.

Importance of Addiction Counselors in Recovery

Addiction counselors play major roles in helping patients overcome their addictions and rebuild their lives.

A good example of recovery support methods is 12-step programs. Patients in treatment start progressing through the 12-steps, learning these philosophies from an addiction specialist. At home, they will continue their 12-step journey with a local sponsor and new relationships.

At treatment, a recovery specialist also helps individual patients develop an individualized treatment plan. Each individual’s plan is designed to address their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs in recovery. These plans are then tracked and adjusted according to the patient’s progress in recovery.

Other addiction counseling and therapy experts lead individual counseling sessions and group programs. These experts know the signs of addiction, the damage caused to personal lives, and how to overcome addiction in the long term. Methods used range from holistic therapies that are often fun and engaging, to classroom style education in coping skills. Group therapy addresses common issues of addiction for multiple patients at once, while individual counseling will be directed at individual needs.

Healing Springs Ranch in Tioga, Texas Provides a Wide Array of Addiction Counseling

Recovery is not the same path for everyone. Individuals find their strength for freedom from addiction in unique ways and according to their own needs.

At Healing Springs Ranch, a wide array of counseling methods are used to ensure a strong foundation for sobriety. These approaches, explored in an amenity-rich environment help patients find inner peace and healing as part of a holistic approach to freedom from addiction. The 12-steps play a big part in lifelong recovery for patients at Healing Springs, just as dual diagnosis treatment may be part of your path for overcoming substance abuse for good.

If you or someone you love have been suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, Healing Springs Ranch has therapies and addiction treatment experts to craft programs suited to your individual needs. Call Healing Springs Ranch in Tioga, Texas now at 866-656-8384 to learn more about these programs and how your insurance may help pay for treatment. While exploring your options and discussing your needs, you can start to envision a brighter future with freedom from addiction.