Men's rehab offers peer support.Men are more likely than women to develop drug abuse disorders. They also start using drugs for different reasons, so addiction develops differently for them. These factors and the tendency to wait to get treatment to affect the type of care that men need. Men’s rehab is often the best treatment option.

The Elements of Men’s Rehab

Men use alcohol and drugs for different reasons than women do. Because of that, their treatment goals also differ. Rehab centers that offer gender-specific care for men encompass several elements.

The major benefit of male-only care is that it addresses issues that only affect men. During treatment at co-ed rehab centers, therapy sessions could get stuck on women’s problems. The male clients can’t relate to the discussion, so they don’t get the help they need. Male-only rehab eliminates this issue so that the focus of therapy always addresses men’s needs.

Men can’t relate to many of the problems that women face. Being in an environment of men only helps them connect with their peers. They can discuss their common experiences and interact with each other based on that. Having an atmosphere that encourages discussion in this way improves the effectiveness of treatment.

Being around peers of their gender can also make men feel like they’ll face less judgment than in co-ed programs. The reason is that men often have aggressive experiences to share during therapy. They typically find it challenging to discuss these issues with women present. Female clients may react poorly when they hear about those aggressive incidents, which can make men close up.

In addition, men’s rehab removes the expectation on men to be strong or tough. Society, in general, expects men to hide their emotions no matter what. The idea of needing help challenges that expectation. During gender-specific treatment, men don’t have to worry about that because every client in rehab needs help.

Why Gender-Specific Care Works

There are many reasons why male-only rehab works. The staff that provides male-only programs specialize in helping those with anger, criminal and violence problems. Resolving a drug addiction that increases the occurrence of these issues is vital. During treatment, men learn to take responsibility for their misconduct and change their behavior.

Underlying emotional or mental problems could be the cause of male drug use disorders. Gender-specific programs give men a chance to address and manage these underlying issues. They help men move on with their lives and teach them how to face life problems without using drugs.

Drug abuse and addiction cause damage to more than just those who use. When men use, they cause damage to others that differ from the damage that female users cause. Men’s rehab can help them repair the damage and reconnect with their family and friends.

There’s a risk for depression and suicide among men who use drugs. Male-only treatment educates them about the dangers that drugs pose to the body and mind. It also teaches them skills to avoid triggers and helps them create relapse prevention plans to stay sober.

Get Customized Treatment at Healing Springs Ranch

If you have a drug abuse or addiction problem, don’t wait to get help. Since your needs are different from other men’s needs, choose a treatment center that customizes its programs. At Healing Springs Ranch, we take a whole-person approach to care that will address your unique concerns. This approach includes 12-step principles, trauma treatment, and functional medicine practices.

We offer dual diagnosis and family therapy and short- and long-term residential programs. All of these include a range of therapies such as:

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