John Edmonson

John Edmonson

DIrector of Wellness

John, as the Director of Wellness and Life Coach, integrates preventative medicine, mindfulness, and experiential therapy with the Healing Springs Ranch holistic integrated treatment model.

John is a bilingual therapist, with a reputed talent for program planning and management. He takes the lead as an educator, trainer, and coach for both the medical and mental health clinicians, bridging the gap and integrating the innovative treatment approach at Healing Springs Ranch.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, minoring in Psychology and Communication at The University of Texas, and a Masters in Science in Counseling from Texas A&M. John is licensed with the state of Texas as a Counseling Supervisor and holds certifications as a K-12 teacher and school counselor.

He is passionate about making sure that his clients receive the proper treatment. He has firsthand knowledge that an ethical and holistic treatment approach improves the lives of the clients as well as their family, friends, and co-workers. John has made it his life’s mission to help people discover their purpose and recognize their potential. He does this by empowering both clients and those in the helping professions to be aware of their own need for self-care, and know their true potential. He coaches on how to move towards implementing that self-cultivation and spiritual insight into their lives.

He is a lifelong student of different cultures and languages and always at least one book going at any given time.  John is a connoisseur of coffee and enjoys the discovery of a new café, and he is on a quest for the world’s best veggie burger, all while enjoying the great outdoors.