The road to recovery from drug addiction can be long. The best way to start is with a drug detox. This first step sets the tone for lasting recovery. Explore some of the key reasons why a drug detox is the ultimate beginning for your sobriety.

You’ll Get Medical Care and Supervision

Group therapy as part of drug detox.

Addiction recovery takes more than just dedication, drive or desire. Addiction is an illness, and you can only overcome an illness if you have the right medical resources. In a drug detox, clients will have access to around-the-clock medical care and supervision.

During detox, clients will stop taking drugs altogether. When this happens, the body will start to go into withdrawal. This is a normal part of the recovery process, but it isn’t pleasant. Withdrawal symptoms are common, and they can range from irritating to life-threatening.

It is dangerous to try to deal with withdrawal symptoms at home. Anyone who wants to overcome drug addiction will encounter these symptoms, and it should always take place in a safe place with medical supervision available. Friends and family members may mean well, but they don’t have the addiction or medical expertise to handle emergency situations.

Some of the more mild withdrawal symptoms might include nausea, abdominal cramping or diarrhea. As a result, severe dehydration is common. At home, this condition might be ignored, or individuals will try to drink water to compensate. Unfortunately, water without electrolytes could make the problem worse.

Severe dehydration can lead to cardiac problems and even total heart failure, in extreme cases. In a drug detox, clients will have access to hydration resources like electrolyte salts or saline solutions in IV form.

In a medically supervised environment, clients can also receive help and support for insomnia or irritability. If major psychological problems arise like suicidal thoughts or paranoia, they will be prepared to safely handle the situation.

Medical professionals also know which prescription medications are safe to administer to clients in withdrawal. Certain sedatives and painkillers have to be avoided since they can cause setbacks or even lead to a secondary addiction.

Sometimes, medical support is just about monitoring situations and recognizing unusual symptoms. Medical professionals can identify when a client is experiencing normal symptoms and when they are getting to be severe. Knowing when to call an ambulance or bring in a doctor could be the difference between life and death for some clients.

Accountability Ensures a Successful Start to Recovery

Attending a drug detox program is advantageous for a number of reasons. One of the most important is the fact that a medical detox increases the likelihood of successful recovery. Accountability and support in the early stages of recovery can go a long way in lasting sobriety.

Relapse is a serious concern for many people. More than half of all people who begin some form of drug addiction treatment will eventually relapse. Many people mistakenly believe that relapse only happens after treatment is complete. In reality, relapse can also happen right in the middle of a detox.

If you try to detox at home, the cravings and temptations can become too much to bear. This is especially common at the peak of detox, which is often three days into the program. At this point of drug detox, many people will decide to turn back to their drug habits.

Fortunately, this is far, far less likely to happen in a drug detox facility. The secure space means that clients understand there are no temptations to be had. This makes it much harder to relapse and much easier to succeed.

Accountability is also crucial throughout the detox process. When you’re surrounded by people who can offer support and guidance, and who are familiar with detox, you’ll feel more comfortable and secure about the whole process.

If you want to have the best chance at lifelong recovery, then drug detox is vital. It decreases the risk of relapse, and it gets clients through the toughest point of detox and into the next stage of recovery.

A Drug Detox Highlights That No One is Alone

If you try to overcome addiction on your own, that’s what you’ll be–alone. That’s never a good thing, especially since people tend to be more volatile throughout the detox process. By attending a medical detox program, clients can see that they aren’t alone.

To start, clients will be surrounded by other people in their same shoes. Just knowing that you’re not the only person going through detox can make a difference.

It is so easy during a drug detox to feel misunderstood. Even if you have family members that want to help, they can’t understand the true reality of addiction unless they have experienced it. In a detox program, all of the other clients will be going through the same process. This cuts down on isolation and reduces the victim mentality that some clients have.

A drug detox program also literally reduces isolation. Clients won’t have the entire facility to themselves, and there will be lots of opportunities for interaction. Group sessions, community meals or shared common spaces encourage social activity and proximity to other people.

To top it all off, a drug detox program allows clients to get support from staff. These medical professionals and addiction experts understand exactly how the process works. They know when to offer support and care and when to be tough. They truly care about their clients, and clients will recognize that.

In a detox facility, there are still opportunities for privacy or for individual relaxation. However, there are also lots of opportunities for interaction and community spirit. Clients will realize that they aren’t alone, and they will recognize that others genuinely care about their health, happiness, and sobriety. Knowing that you are valued is a big part of accepting addiction and moving on from it forever.

Inpatient Detox Gives Support to Loved Ones as Well as Clients

When individuals are struggling with drug addiction, the number one priority has to be their sobriety. However, these individuals aren’t the only ones who struggle throughout the process. Family, friends and loved ones may also have a hard time. With the help of a medically supervised detox program, the people that make up a support system will also gain resources and support.

There is no doubt that caring for someone going through withdrawal is challenging. It requires long hours, little sleep, lots of stress and a tremendous responsibility. Without medical expertise, it is almost impossible to do safely. Plus, having a personal connection to the client only makes it emotionally more difficult.

When individuals decide to enroll in a medical detox program, they are not just helping themselves. They are also removing a big responsibility from the shoulders of their loved ones. Friends and family members can relax and be less stressed. They can also have peace of mind that their loved one is getting professional treatment.

Once addiction treatment is over, clients can head back to their support system in a better place. Friends and family members will also be better able to support their loved one after the brief respite of detox.

Detox Sets the Tone for Ongoing Recovery in Rehab

Drug detox is a vital step on the road to recovery. Alone, however, it’s not enough. Detox succeeds in breaking the physical and chemical ties to drugs. It takes more to uncover the root cause of addiction, prevent relapse and focus on comprehensive wellness.

After detox, clients can start making further progress at Healing Springs Ranch in Tioga, Texas. Residential treatment programs are the perfect way to continue the journey to sobriety that lasts for a lifetime.

At Healing Springs Ranch, there is an emphasis on treating the whole person, not just the medical condition. Some of the treatment methods that accomplish this include:

  • Lifestyle or vocational training
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Individual behavioral therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family program
  • Fitness and recreation opportunities
  • Holistic approaches to wellness

Detox eases the symptoms of withdrawal so that clients are in a better place to make real progress. Often, the goal is to uncover the root cause of the addiction. This could be a combination of factors such as a history of trauma, mental health concerns, genetic components or the inability to manage stress in a healthy way.

During rehab programs, clients can target these issues head on. Through a resolution of issues, clients will be better prepared to avoid the same issues in the future. This is key for relapse prevention in the years to come.

Drug detox is an all-important first step for addiction treatment. At Healing Springs Ranch in Tioga, Texas, you can continue your journey to lifelong sobriety. Begin your recovery by calling 866-656-8384 today.

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