When your social enjoyment or relaxation drinking becomes a problem, you may not realize you are showing signs of alcoholism. But the more you drink, the more difficult your everyday life becomes and you soon travel the dark road of alcoholism. Bit by bit, you lose everything important to you. You are soon left with only drinking in your life and the question of how you can get help and start rebuilding.

Physical Signs of Alcoholism

Recognizing the signs of alcoholism can bring him to despair.

Some of the clearest signs of alcoholism are physical. When drinking occurs often enough, your body shows and feels the alcohol’s wear and tear. Others around you may recognize the physical signs first. But if you really consider these signs and are honest with yourself, you may realize you have a drinking problem.

  • Building tolerance to alcohol, meaning you drink more and more over time to achieve the same results.
  • Experiencing signs of withdrawal first thing in the morning or when you do not drink for a while.
  • Blacking out or suffering memory lapses during drinking episodes.
  • Lack of physical fitness due to disinterest in activities.
  • Frequent hangovers, particularly during workdays or at other times of responsibility.
  • Health problems and frequent illnesses.
  • Changed weight and appearance.
  • Poor sleep or changing sleep patterns.
  • Poor hygiene and lack of regard for personal upkeep.

There are many ways your body will show you and others around you that you have a drinking problem. Often feeling sick, lethargic and tired are good signs that your life is out of balance and alcohol may be to blame.

Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Symptoms of Alcoholism

Beyond the physical changes that drinking too much brings, there are also mental, emotional and even spiritual changes. These may be signs of alcoholism and some may be part of the reason why drinking started, in the first place. When left untreated, quite often, co-occurring mental health diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, trauma or other mental illnesses lead to drinking. Or, these conditions may be brought on or made worse by alcohol.

Below are some of the emotional, mental and spiritual signs of alcoholism:

  • Denial of your drinking problem, to yourself and by lying to others.
  • Using alcohol to fill a void, relax, feel better or get through your day.
  • Powerlessness and inability to stop drinking on your own.
  • Diminished self-confidence.
  • Lack of interest in things you used to enjoy.
  • Putting yourself or others in danger during or after drinking.
  • Not caring about responsibilities or others’ feelings.
  • Broken relationships and friendships.

Drinking too much alcohol changes the best of people into those they never wanted to become. You may be suffering emotionally because of your drinking. Feeling lost and powerless due to alcoholism is normal. But you can get the help you need to get back on track and love your life again.

You See the Signs of Alcoholism–What Next?

If you or someone you love have a problem with drinking, you need help to recover. Recovery cannot be achieved alone. There are specific therapies and even medications designed to help people suffering from alcoholism overcome their addiction and rebuild their lives. Through these professional programs, freedom from alcoholism can be achieved safely and permanently.

Healing Springs Ranch in Tioga, Texas provides dual diagnosis treatment for alcoholism and other types of addiction. To heal physically, mentally and spiritually from alcohol addiction, it is important to treat the core needs that led to alcohol abuse in the first place. Healing Springs Ranch treats patients in amenity-rich surroundings on 50 acres in the heart of Texas quarter-horse ranch country.

If your loved one needs help for alcohol dependence or you need that help yourself, call Healing Springs Ranch to learn how alcoholism is treated in Tioga, Texas, where you can start your life again. Call Healing Springs Ranch now at 866-656-8384 for the help and support you need.