Crystal methamphetamine is a stimulant drug. It looks a little like glass shards, which gives it the moniker. A crystal meth addiction is one of the most destructive substance abuse problems someone can encounter. Do you know what it looks like?


What Creates the Crystal Meth Addiction?Despairing man with head wall struggling with a crystal meth addiction

Users typically inhale the drug in the form of smoke or inject it after dissolving it in alcohol. Much like cocaine, the high is short-lived, and people will binge-use to maintain or kick-start the effect multiple times. A crystal meth addiction takes hold when the drug begins to control the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. This chemical provides you with feelings of well-being.

Because the drug creates a glut of dopamine in the system, it leads to a heady rush that mimics bouts of euphoria. You feel more alert and energetic. Your breathing and heart rate speed up. For many, this is an added incentive to keep taking the substance.


What Does it Look Like if You Don’t Get Help?

Are you struggling or know someone else who is struggling with a crystal meth addiction? You’ve probably tried to quit before. But doing so is hard. The absence of dopamine, which the brain now releases only when the drug is present, makes you feel depressed.

You feel like you’re sluggish, tired, and unable to concentrate. You want these feelings to end, but you can’t overcome them. Then, there’s the constant craving for the drug. The crystal meth addiction has created a one-track mind that only revolves around getting and using the substance.

If you do nothing and continue on this path, you will eventually suffer physical and psychological problems. Examples include paranoia, anxiety, and hallucinations. Your oral health declines from the dryness of mucous membranes and you get the dreaded “meth mouth.” Your ability to feel emotions and solve cognitive problems decreases.


How to Overcome a Crystal Meth Addiction

Quitting by yourself won’t work. Because the addiction removes the element of choice, you cannot help but obsess about using until you finally cave. Experts agree that behavioral therapies hold the most promise. A good-quality rehab center employs evidence-based modalities such as:

The safest way of receiving these treatments is by living at the facility for residential treatment. Therapists customize the length of your stay based on your needs. If you plan to stay for 30 days but discover that you’re not ready to leave, you can stay longer. Ninety-day stays are typically the norm.

That’s a good chunk of time to work through the therapy and get to the reason for your addiction. Crystal meth cravings can still crop up at this time, and knowing your triggers is vital. By practicing going through daily activities without using, you put together your relapse prevention toolset. The assistance of therapists during this process makes it easier and keeps you motivated.


Full Treatment Customization at Healing Springs Ranch

Don’t undergo someone else’s rehab experience. Only a therapist who does a comprehensive assessment of your crystal meth problem can customize a treatment regimen. Not all modalities work for everyone. Instead, finding the right approach can make the difference between experiencing a breakthrough and struggling.

A Healing Springs Ranch, addiction experts believe in the personalized approach. They genuinely care about your ability to overcome an addiction. Moreover, they want you to get the most out of your treatment. For many guests, a stay at this facility is a personal growth opportunity.

If you’re in the trap of an addiction to crystal meth, we can help. You don’t have to continue to suffer. Reach out for help today by calling Healing Springs Ranch at 866-656-8384 now.