.Older woman taking cough syrup may be headed for codeine addiction treatment.Codeine is one of the most common painkillers doctors prescribe in the United States. it's an active ingredient in prescription cough syrup. Although it's effective for medical purposes, extended use and abuse can cause addiction. In such cases, codeine addiction treatment is necessary.

What Is Codeine Addiction?

Learning more about codeine can help people understand why addiction develops. The drug is an opiate and narcotic. Because of that, it affects the brain and body a lot like other opiates such as heroin.

People often abuse codeine-containing medicines to enter a state of euphoria or get high. Abusing the drug can also cause constipation, drowsiness, relaxation and respiratory failure. It's fatal in large doses as well.

With prolonged use, codeine changes the chemical balance in the brain, which leads to addiction. Many people who develop addiction don't stop with codeine. The tolerance they develop makes their bodies want more or stronger drugs. This urge leads them to mix codeine with alcohol or take substances such as heroin and morphine.

What Happens in Codeine Addiction Treatment?

Many people who need codeine addiction treatment hesitate because they don't know what to expect. Having an idea of the process and what happens during treatment can ease their minds and help them prepare.


The first step in codeine addiction treatment is a drug detox. Medical support is necessary at the beginning because of the withdrawal symptoms. These can be mild cold flashes and sleepiness or moderate to severe muscle cramps, diarrhea, and tremors. A lot of people experience anxiety, too.

During detox, doctors and nurses monitor vital signs and withdrawal symptoms to prevent complications. They may provide medicines to make the process easier and more comfortable. Withdrawal can last anywhere from eight to 30 days depending on the person and the severity of the addiction.


Although detox can take up to a month, rehab is the main part of codeine addiction treatment. Enrolling in a residential treatment program that lasts at least 90 days provides the best care. However, some people benefit from programs that last 30 to 60 days. Outpatient programs may also be beneficial, but they work better as step-down programs after residential treatment.

During long-term residential programs, clients may follow a structured schedule that minimizes stress and fosters lifestyle changes. The schedule typically includes a combination of one-on-one and group therapy and activities. Some examples include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, adventure therapy.

These treatment methods and activities teach people how to make changes in their lives. They help clients address the causes of their drug problems. Clients also learn skills to help them avoid using drugs after treatment. In addition, the group setting demonstrates the advantage and importance of having a support network.


Even after rehab, people with codeine addiction have to continue their treatment. The reason is that addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease that requires on-going management.

When it comes to codeine addiction treatment, people in recovery need an aftercare plan. After residential treatment, the best option is to enroll in outpatient care as a step-down treatment. However, many rehab centers offer specific aftercare programs such as sober living. These programs give clients more freedom to go to school or work, but they get ongoing support and therapy.

Private therapists and support groups are other great options. Support groups are an invaluable tool for the encouragement to stay sober. The meetings are a great place to meet new sober friends and attend sober events as well.

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