At Healing Springs Ranch, the primary objective is healing. Addiction rehab isn’t just about getting from Point A to Point B. It is about true recovery, health, and a fulfilling life. Every client gets access to individualized care, world-class medical support, a comprehensive approach to recovery and unparalleled resources during and after treatment.

Facilitating Detox Off Site

Addiction rehab usually includes group sessions.Detox is a critical part of the addiction recovery process. Often, facilities combine detox and treatment into one program, but that doesn’t always go well. A better option is to allow guests to complete detox off site in a secure, medically supervised facility. At Healing Spring Ranch, we encourage this and can help guests complete the right detox for their needs.

We work closely with a nearby detox center so that clients can complete recovery without a hassle. If it’s necessary, we can even handle some of the logistics. That might mean providing transportation from the detox center straight to our facility location.

Detox is a necessary first step, but it is far from the only piece of the puzzle. Once detox is completed, clients are free from the chemical bonds of addiction. However, they will still need treatment and support. Clients can only find lasting success if they are able to resolve the underlying issues that led to addiction in the first place.

The Benefits of Residential Treatment

Addiction rehab comes in many varieties. We understand the unique needs and life situations of each individual, but we won’t compromise on the most effective methods of treatment. For almost everyone, the benefits of residential treatment are unparalleled. Residential or inpatient programs are the most effective and most successful way to overcome addiction for good.

Just like the name suggests, residential treatment is when clients are full-time residents of Healing Springs Ranch. Every guest is on the premises 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to regular treatments and therapy sessions, clients will be able to enjoy their meals, social activities, accommodations and relaxation in one convenient location.

A major benefit of inpatient treatment is accountability. When clients leave the premises of an outpatient center, they are faced with lots of temptations. Early on in recovery, this is just too big of a risk.

Security and Accountability

At Healing Springs Ranch, the facility is secure. There is no access to drugs or alcohol, which makes it easy to stay on track toward lifelong sobriety.

Clients can also have 24/7 access to medical care and peer support. Although medical problems are less common during the rehab portion of the recovery process, they can still appear. When guests are on site, getting care at any hour isn’t a problem.

Plus, guests will be surrounded by peers who are going through a similar life situation. Having this support can be incredibly helpful. Knowing that you aren’t alone and that others understand what you’re going through, can make all the difference in this challenging time of life.

We offer residential addiction rehab for a minimum of 30 days. This is the minimum amount of time clients need to make serious, lasting changes. Often, clients will benefit from an extended program of up to 90 days.

Statistics show that clients who remain in inpatient drug rehab programs longer see lower relapse rates. In many cases, clients will benefit by continuing to enjoy the support, accountability, and resources at Healing Springs Ranch.

The Integrated Addiction Model

At Healing Springs Ranch, our addiction rehab program follows our own specific treatment model. This is known as the Integrated Addiction Model or I.AM. This is a treatment plan that looks at the entire person in a comprehensive way. Looking at the whole person is the key to true recovery.

I.AM is a concept that drives all of our addiction rehab programs. We understand and appreciate that addiction rehab includes medical and physiological care. However, it is so much more than just that.

In order to be successful, addiction rehab needs to care for the entire person. That means treating physical, chemical and emotional well-being, and doing it all at the same time. Being medically healthy, but struggling with inner turmoil, isn’t a success. Clients deserve to be fulfilled, happy and healthy in every aspect of being.

We achieve that by offering the 12-Step philosophy to clients. Many individuals respond well to this approach, even if they aren’t spiritual. Having the formula to follow, and a group for accountability can be instrumental in recovery.

Trauma Model

At Healing Springs Ranch, we also utilize the trauma model as needed. Often, addiction is caused in part by a history of trauma. For that reason, addiction rehab should address the trauma and work to resolve it.

Another instrumental part of the I.AM approach is holistic wellness. We acknowledge that there are many routes to complete health. Sometimes, a combination of holistic therapies can be key to recovery.

For example, some clients will need life skills or lifestyle training. This ensures that graduates of the addiction rehab program are able to integrate into society with few or no problems. Organic cuisine and nutritional training can also be a way to boost health and get clients involved with what goes into their body. Health isn’t just about what doesn’t get consumed, because what does get consumed may be just as important.

Finally, I.AM also emphasizes hard data. Regular physical assessments are key to monitoring and tracking health. Clients will need to complete blood and saliva studies as well. This is an effective way to track health and enforce compliance and sobriety throughout addiction rehab.

Addiction Rehab That Focuses on the Individual

A comprehensive, whole-person approach to addiction rehab is a key aspect of our programs here at Healing Springs Ranch. In addition, we focus on the individual. No two clients are the same, nor do they have the same history. Therefore, they shouldn’t be forced to follow the exact same formula for recovery.

Counselors meet with every individual client to uncover the reasons why addiction developed in the first place. This happens right in the assessment since these answers can help develop a more effective recovery plan.

Some clients may need more family therapy. Addiction has both genetic and cultural components, so it is possible that multiple family members also need professional assistance. Family programs aren’t for everyone, but they are vital for some of our guests.

Other clients in addiction rehab may need dual diagnosis treatment. As many as half of all individuals struggling with addiction also struggle with mental health. Dual diagnosis care aims to treat and resolve both issues at the same time. Talk therapy or pharmacological treatment might be necessary in these cases.

The individual approach is also about what motivates clients. Some people are motivated by their children, their families or their romantic partners. Others are motivated by goals and ambitions in the workforce.

At Healing Springs Ranch, we harness that motivation. The staff goes out of their way to give clients the tools and resources they need to succeed, even long after rehab has ended. In the past, we have helped clients master software programs to prepare for financial security in the future, offered non-monetary assistance for a client buying a car and even helped a client find out how to record their own music. This personalized, custom approach to addiction rehab is what sets us apart from other facilities across the country.

Healing Springs Ranch Amenities Enhance the Experience

Our location is just one hour’s drive away from Dallas in the charming town of Tioga, Texas. Our center occupies a sprawling 50 acres in a rural area, where guests are surrounded by horse farms and lake views. Overcoming addiction is challenging, but an appealing location and attractive amenities can improve the experience.

To start, a mild climate can make a big difference. Vitamin D in the form of natural sunlight can boost mood and reduce depression. Attending rehab in a warm destination like Texas can help mood disorders during recovery. Since we offer lots of outdoor space, there are always opportunities to get outdoors.

Healing Springs Ranch also encourages physical fitness. Any form of exercise increases circulation and retrains the brain’s reward system. More endorphins through fitness can translate to fewer cravings and temptations.

Clients can easily stay active since we are proud to offer a wide range of amenities. Boost fitness through all of the following:

  • 9 hole golf course
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Fishing and kayaking opportunities
  • Yoga and fitness facilities
  • Bocce ball

At Healing Springs Ranch, we go above and beyond for our clients. A custom approach to recovery, I.AM and a comprehensive variety of treatment methods means a greater chance for client recovery. Call 866-656-8384 to learn more about addiction rehab at Healing Springs Ranch in Tioga, Texas.

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